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  1. I'm Kallosthenos, born in 2000, and I've been here since September 9, 2014. I discovered masturbation at a young age, but when I got introduced to pornography in 2013, it started to cause problems. I won't say too much, I've already written down some very important things for myself which I will put below.

    Why NoFap – Kallosthenos

    Drawbacks of the PMO addiction:
    1. Rewires the brain
    2. Sexualises my view
    3. Trains me to be mentally weak
    4. Negative feelings
    5. Wastes time and energy
    The goals:
    1. Quit porn
    2. Reboot
    3. Sexual transmutation
    4. Develop a stronger mind
    5. Feel better
    Important points to keep in mind:
    1. Stay positive
    2. Do your best
    3. Control the present

    Here is my first successful journey, detailing my progress, I reached 90 days for the first time on March 1, 2015. I wrote consecutive success stories during that time, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. I felt awesome, my confidence and self-esteem increased dramatically, not because it was magical, but because I was aware that I can get things done if I put my heart into it.

    At one point, I wanted to quit these forums, thinking that I would be okay on my own and that I've already quit the addiction. It didn't take too long for the relapses to come and make me realise the importance of one's mindset. If I don't keep NoFap in mind and let my fantasies go wild, something's gonna happen, especially as a horny teenager going through puberty. I need to keep my reasons and goals in mind, or else I won't be functioning with intention and I won't go anywhere.

    "Pain is temporary!" - Eric Thomas

    That's when things started to change. I understood that my personal reasons and goals should be my biggest motivation, and I should never forget them. Also, there will be something that means a lot to you such as a quote, keep them in mind as well. That's why I wrote my "Why NoFap" into 3 sections, and all 3 of them are equally important for success. Understanding that these things are important, I'd read through them every time I feel the urge, every time I feel horny and every time I catch myself slacking a bit. This is how I got myself to my longest streak and how I made 2016 the best year in my 16 years of life so far.

    Back then, I wrote a message to myself back on September 15, 2015. I was struggling, I was so affected. The amount of negativity I felt made everything feel like Hell. I felt sad and guilty all the time. I felt tired and wasted. PMO was a very big issue, costing me so much time and energy, draining me of positivity, eating away my motivation to succeed in school and training and anything. Now, I reached 100 days (for the second time this year), I only relapsed 3 times and things have been going absolutely AMAZING in my life.

    I want to help you guys out, because I understand all of you. First of all, write down your reasons and goals. WHY are you doing NoFap? If you don't have an intention, a direction, you're not going to go very far. Once you identify these things, remember them and never deviate too far from them. Also, write down other things that mean a lot to you. I don't care if it's a quote, song, icon, symbol or ideology, write them down as well. These will be your reasons, goals and important things to keep in mind.

    Now, do NOT beat yourself up. If you relapse, get right back up and get back on track, MOVE ON AND KEEP GOING! If you end up giving yourself a lot of negative feelings, you're only gonna succumb to the Chaser Effect and binge. Recovery is not a linear process, think of it as a cut. If you juice (edge, fantasise, check things out on the Internet), you're picking the scab. If you do it enough, you're not going anywhere, but don't mind too much about it and just leave it alone. If you P/MO/PMO, you hit the cut and something's bleeding. Obviously that's gonna set you back a bit but still, LEAVE IT ALONE. If you binge, you're injuring yourself again and you'll be back to square one.

    Quick Tip #1: Besides health and fitness, working out is a good way to break a sweat and shake off the urges. If you feel the urges, drop down and do at least 10 burpees, you'll definitely feel a lot better!

    So, what to do with the urges? Confront them. So you're horny and you have these feelings, right? Don't look at them as bullies that you want to run away from, just chill and embrace all these feelings, eventually it will subside. Practise sexual transmutation, it is where you use that energy within you to do other stuff, it's a psychological deal but don't you just feel energised when you're horny? Make use of it! Of course, things like cold showers, working out and other hobbies can help to shake off the urges. Always remember to get comfortable with discomfort, do not let your comfort zone become a prison.

    I don't want you to constantly think about NoFap though. Keep your reasons and goals in mind, understand what you're doing and THAT'S IT! If you're constantly telling yourself not to think about a pink dancing elephant, you're gonna think about a pink dancing elephant! Go outside and LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST! If you're bored with nothing to do, it will be very easy to feel horny and end up relapsing. Ask yourself this question: AM I LIVING? Go live your life, get busy, IMPROVE AND PROGRESS, you'll realise that sex is just a small part of your love life. Think about the business, the workouts, the relationships, the family and friends, the food and sleep... there's more to life than sex, approach life from the bigger picture.

    Quick Tip #2: Now, we are sexual beings and it's normal to check others out, just don't dwell, don't instantly start fantasising and learn to appreciate beauty and move on. Assuming you're a normal human being, we are not perfect, just strive to do your best and that's it. If you put pressure on yourself to be absolutely perfect, you're gonna set yourself up for failure.

    Good luck with your journey, never give up! Peace. ;)
  2. Fantastic success story. You are an inspiration to me. I am on day 17 and feeling like I could give in to temptation. I want to go for a long streak like you. Thanks for the tips on dealing with setbacks.
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    Amazing. You are so young and already have this. Keep this up and don't ever relapse. I'm 28 and still struggling with this for years. You are an inspiration. I hope to achieve this 90 days as well.
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    "Everyone dies but not everyone are living."

    Thanks this always give me motivation, reading a story like yours feels like I want to write mine too :)

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