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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Kallosthenos, a guy turning 15 this year and I've recently reached 90 days, after a year of porn use I discovered this forum and my rough journey to success started. It's not easy, it's not a walk in the park, months of dedication, but here I am. This community has helped me out a lot, changed me as a person and definitely changed my lifestyle, and I'm grateful for that, and I'm gonna give something back. :D

    Starting Line
    Now, many people would get stuck between... let's say one to twenty days, and it's an almost "endless" cycle of relapses. Now it's not endless, I can promise you that. You'd say to me: "No matter what I try I'd just end up relapsing," here's a tip: that's not true. Here's something I want you to ask yourself: How bad do you want it? Do you really want to quit? Or do you just kinda want it? Hopefully you've made it clear that you're dedicated enough. If so, let's move on.

    The Trigger
    Now, listen to me, in case you've missed out on this amazing part of Eric Thomas' speech, "PAIN IS TEMPORARY! It may last for a minute, or an hour, or a day, or even a year! But eventually it will subside!" now is resisting the temptations of PMO or edging hard? Painful? Like your chest is being pummeled by the pressure from nowhere? Learn how to endure it! Resist it! Go through the difficulty and things will get much easier.

    Now how do you do it you ask? You gotta give yourself a goal! Something to motivate you, something to jump start your willpower, you gotta get yourself going! One tip: Learn the consequences of PMO. Porn-induced ED, decreased sensitivity levels, confidence and self-esteem take a hit, et cetera. Do you want those things in your life for those few minutes of indulgence? Pleasure? The most noticeable consequence would be that spike of guilt feeling you get afterwards, not very pleasant right? Recall those feelings, these bad issues you're giving yourself before you touch yourself again, you'd probably rethink this.

    Did I mention indulgence? That's not the world's best thing to have in life, realize that. Replace indulgence with commitment, endure the rain first before seeing the rainbow, that's the best way, best mentality to take into account for this "challenge"! Challenge... this is not a challenge! It's a lifestyle change, you're changing your life! Take on a different mindset and you'll realize the difference. Now what type of commitments can you utilize?

    Walking Down The Road
    Here you're already on track, you're doing great! Now what methods, little tips could you use to keep walking down this track?
    Cold Showers
    Cold showers are great. It's the perfect example of "commitment over indulgence". Warm showers or even hot showers feel great, you feel relaxed, but you step out of the shower and the cold air just strikes you. Take a cold shower, you gotta get over that small "fear" of the cold, and the "pain" of staying in it. Get used to it, and come out of it, you feel relaxed, the air doesn't feel cold to you, you feel energized. Take this into account.
    I practice calisthenics and I can say it's really helping. It helps you shake off any urges you might have, you feel great and energized after your work out (just like stepping out of a cold shower) and it's healthy for you! Regular exercise is important for your body's health and your mind's health (not gonna get to into that, that's another story) and you're doing something good for you to fulfill your desires. Try going for a jog at the park, or go to the gym and lift weights, or do calisthenics like me, just go outside and do something!
    And that helps segue this into this topic. Go outside! Socializing helps a lot, talking with friends, boy or girl, man or woman, start talking and make sure your confidence levels aren't limiting you! Keep talking, keep having fun! You'll feel more alive and confident, really helps. You can also just go outside and breathe in some fresh air! For many people staying at home alone is a bad idea anyways. I do not believe in filters, but if it works for you than so be it. I believe that you should learn to be strong enough to handle all the difficulties yourself, leading to better results IMO.
    Just Keep Swimming
    There are lots of methods and tricks and tips to supplement your journey on NoFap, but everyone's different and it all comes down to yourself. You have the goals, the desires, so fulfill it (in a positive way, don't get me wrong)! Be willing to at any moment, sacrifice who you ARE for who you WILL BECOME! Stop feeding those dirty desires for PMO, go RIGHT through the pain for who you WILL BECOME, free from porn (not 100% in theory but you get it), free from all those dirty thoughts and negative things. Work hard, don't give up, and you'll get there!

    After you go far enough, you'd most likely experience "flatline", the period of time when you lose most desires for anything sexual. It's good, means you're rewiring, means your brain's going like "Hey man, what the hell's going on?" and it's gonna start changing. Make sure you don't get the idea of "testing yourself", your dick's not gonna lose its ability to have erections just because of a little flatline, and you'll still like girls after this so chill. Make sure you don't rationalize with your brain, excuses are persons.

    Good Luck
    Make sure you never give up! A relapse doesn't mean you're back to square one, KEEP THAT IN MIND! Don't ever binge! Get back up and brush yourself clean, and get back on track ASAP! You won't lose everything you've gained and it's gonna do you way better than binging ever will do! Work hard, and once you get there I guarantee you'd have transformed, and you'd be successful in another small part of life's long journey. Good luck, peace. :cool:
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    Thank you! And major kudos for reaching 90 days!
  3. Great job on reaching 90 days! And a great post. I totally agree with you about filters. We shouldn't trust a computer program to do our work for us... the resistance needs to come from within ourselves.
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    inspiration for me to thrive for it
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    Very happy to read this. Gives me hope :D

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