Sudden onset of strange urges two weeks in...

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    I was doing absolutely fine when I started. Barely any withdrawals symptoms at all. Saw some pictures on Instagram of some beautiful ladies and felt giddy but that was it. Didn't think about sex, porn, fetish... nothing. I felt good and extremely optimistic this was going to be an easy ride. Arousal was not part of my life and I felt like a monk.

    On Day 13 and 14 (of 40), suddenly I have felt urges. There is no stimulation, I'm not looking at or thinking about anything sexual. Tension is building up my upper things as if I'm being sexually teased, no erection though. Has anyone encountered this? How long does it last?

    I do lots of exercise and meditation but I'm worried this may be the start of my downfall :oops:
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    I have been desperately and liberally applying the 5 Second Rule. If some kind of trigger keeps recurring, you must take immediate action each time. If your upper thighs feel strange, within five seconds you must do something, maybe rise if sitting or sit if standing, or take a few paces and go for a stroll. Do something with your hands, pick something up, rearrange a desk or a shelf.

    Treat these things like mental quick-sand. You'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone, for the times they are-a changin'. Find positive affirmations or chants to do each time something happens to make sure it is the triumph over your urges that sticks in your memory, not the fear of the urges themselves. If you must praise the Lord hundreds of times a day, let it roll off of your tongue like music.

    Stay strong, bud.
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    Typically, after a relapse, days 4 or 5 thru 7 are sexy days, then around the two week mark I tend to find myself in being moody (I attribute it to semen reserves being full and body is used to be clearing them out, so it’s just holding semen), and at the one month mark, there’s a sexy grating down there. That typically goes on for several days and often it’s where I give in and PMO. Because those are tough days and I don’t want to feel sexy feelings all the time and sexy thoughts constantly that drive me bonkers.

    That’s what I experience, everyone is probably a little different in terms of timing and intensity of feelings.
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