Suffering ED and PE

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by rajaking, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. rajaking

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    Hello all,
    I'm 31 years old married 5 months ago I'm suffering ED and Premature Ejaculation

    Mastrubating since 15 and PMO since 20
    I can get erection with my wife but after foreplay can't maintain my erection some times during foreplay itself it loosen

    Some times I calm myself and focus sensations so I get erect again but after start intercourse ejaculated too soon

    I consulted with sexologist he prescribed ED drugs pde5 exabhitors when I use this drugs I ll get everything fine but without pills PE and ED returned

    I got mild erections and morning woods

    I'm suffering anxiety and PIED

    What can I do
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  2. the awakening

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    Erectile dysfunction is probably caused by watching too much P in the last years.

    what I would recommend you is to try 30days hardmode which means no sexual activity. Usually 90days work really well but since you re married it could be hard for your partner. People who stay away from sex for some periods of time have great results. However some people keep having sexual activites but it seems that it takes them more time to recover.

    PE is a lock of control I would suggest you to do kegel exercices and stuff like that. But I think 30 days hardmode could also help.

    The Hardmode has really helped a lot of people in your case.

    They are many people that have already recover on this forum you ll probably find some help here. Don’t worry too much you’ll get better if you stop P.
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  3. Lord20luigi

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    Hi how are you? Experiencing the same. I've been dating this girl for few months now. She's beautiful, has a great body. But everytime we go intimate I find it difficult to to harden up and I loose it after foreplay. One more thing if I manage to keep it stiff I ejaculate very quickly. It's so embarrassing. I've been single for 3 years, I didn't experience this on my last relationship. I relied on pork during the time I was single to satisfy myself. I dunno whether I'm just too conscious of it now. I need help as well like u do.
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  4. rajaking

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    Thank you guys for sharing your quotes with me..
    Im started nofap and now am in my 8th day
    I'm feeling very better now
    I'm confident and cool
    I have practice guided meditation which lead me to focus and concentrate more

    I'm very lucky to have a wonderful wife she understands me and support me for the past weeks we hit 5 or 6 times and things got fine now...

    Even I fail within minutes I got erect again and start the course

    Without pills it's going nicely...

    I never go back to porn again
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