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Discussion in 'Nutrition and Supplements' started by MindShift, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. MindShift

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    Hello guys!
    Does sugar affect your self control? On some days i put in my coffe like 30 grams of sugar and after a while it seems like i can't control myself, something like: i dont want to eat something but i still do it, and so on, after a while i start feeling bad about myself.​
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  2. Poseidon

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    I’m like that, once I eat one “bad” thing it’s all down hill from there. Usually I’ll indulge on junk food for the rest of that day. It’s best to just avoid sugar in the first place, or use some self control and only have one serving of it and be “good” for the rest of the day after that.
  3. Sugar and junk food definitely puts you in the MORE MORE MORE state of mind. It’s led me down the wrong path to many relapses
  4. GottaBFree

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    For me there is a relationship with eating like I just don’t care and relapsing. I used to think it was just a state of mind but I’m seeing lots of people in here mention it.

    Maybe it’s like when and addict uses one vice it makes a craving for another stronger or something.
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  5. skaterdrew

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    A lot of people don't know this, but sugar is basically posion to humans. It's actually better avoided completely if possible.

    See you have whole foods, and many of these foods are complex carbohydrates. But then you have foods that are not whole foods, so processed foods, and a lot of the time these foods are refined carbobydrates, so like bread, chips, and many other processed foods. So these processed foods and refined carbohydrates seriously seriously spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. Where as a complex carbohydrate, a whole food, like a potatoe, fruit ext. These will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, but they have nurtrients, fibre, these things conteract the damage from the fructose, glucose ext, the nutrients and fibere conteract the damage from the spike in blood sugar and insulin. Where as the refined carboydrates seriously spike blood sugar and insulin, and they have little to no nutrients or fibre, so the damage from the spike in bood sugar and insulin is much worse.

    Your always better eating whole foods.

    The reality is eating things that are not whole foods, so processed junk is very unatural and unhealthy.
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  6. blademaster87

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    Sugar is pretty shit. It also makes you a fat fucker.
  7. MindShift

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    3 days without sugar, my cognitive function and skills in problem solving improved alot, i can focus more and find a solution faster than before, but my mind can't stop thinking about sugar, is like a torture, but i think it will pass soon.

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