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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Finally2018, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Finally2018

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    Hello. Just read a marvelous piece of writing in success stories. Free fo 6 minths or sthng.. is there anywhere here a place for suggested readings?
    For example might work so that if you read sthng real cool you can tick it as suggested reading for others, then the copy of it goes to separate forum of suggested reading. There you can choose to show more liked suggested readings and get the best of all. Even the old great writings are kept living. I think that might be greatly good infight for all. To get easily access to real pearls.. do you know as moderator if this idea could be takeninto consideration or if sthng like this is already in place. ( like sorting by most like of all forums.
  2. Roady

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    The question then will be
    What is "good" "best" or "marvellous". What's a "pearl"?

    What's good for you, is crap for somebody else.
    You will soon find out the users who fits you best. You can follow them so they will appear in your news feed.
    Or you can "watch" threads you are interested in, so you will receive an alert when somebody adds a post to a thread.

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