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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by noviceambition, May 14, 2016.

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    I recently found out myself about the counters, but I think that everyone should have the immediate option to set up counters from the get go after they sign up because they are extremely useful. But, I think that there should be some simple guidelines when setting up the counters, and that it should be encouraged to set one after signing up.

    Setting up my counters was fairly simple, but probably not to those who haven't learned the glossary contents or understood the importance of setting their goals early. By making the counters absolute newbie friendly, they can get a head start on their journey. This can be achieved by putting a legend or pockets of information explaining what the terms are and what their acronyms are. For example, "P=Porn, M=Masturbation, O=Orgasm, etc." or "enable streaks if you find yourself relapsing too much, and identify your triggers along the way". Simplifying the steps to set up counters will enable more people to create them easier. The next explanation explains why newbies should be able to set up counters after they sign up.

    I think counters are great for visually tracking goals, creating milestones, and motivating people to achieve more after meeting those milestones. I found out after setting up my counters that it will be a lot less taxing on my mind to not think about how many days I went without PMO. Exercising the importance of setting a goal would be helpful for everyone, so I think that it should be easier to access. Thank you.
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