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    Although I vaguely recall reading somewhere that the PMO-Tracker tool commonly used here in these forums is not formally affiliated with, I'd like to raise a general comment regarding this (or any similar) tool.

    IMHO, such automated tracker tools would significantly benefit from an additional indicator showing how "fresh" are the reported counters -- i.e., when was the last time that they were actively updated. Such an indicator would be especially helpful when one is reading old posts, made a long time ago in an old thread. The person reading such a post might be curious to know how the poster is doing today -- but if that poster has stopped being active on NoFap for several years, his long-abandoned counters would show "stale" data, incorrectly implying a very long streak of success, without any relapses.

    To give an idea of how such a counter might look:
    • There is a Jewish religious website named battling pornography and masturbation, and it contains both a "90 Days Chart" section, as well as a "Wall of Honor" section for those who have already achieved 90 days free of PMO.

    • Any given entry in either of those sections shows how many days ago was the "last update," when the corresponding member actively visited his counter and explicitly indicated that he/she was "still clean." This makes it much easier to evaluate the accuracy of any given entry.

      (And for those still doing their "90-day challenge": if they do not explicitly update their counter for one week, their entry in the chart turns red. And if they do not explicitly update their counter for two week, their entry in the chart is temporarily hidden, until they update it again.)
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