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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by wake_up, May 7, 2016.

  1. wake_up

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    only in the last days I actually really realized, that everything on the forums is accessible in public ...
    Ok, that's obvious :p
    I knew that as well and I didn't leak any private details, that could be tracked back.
    Intro and general discussion are ok, but while writing and posting the reboot log, I don't feel that comfortable somehow.
    I think I don't want to share that with the whole world and I'd feel better if only the people with this similar problem could access the thread.

    The user options contain a privacy part, where I can set the visitbily of my profile.
    But I didn't see any option, is it possible so set the visibility of threads just for members of the forum ?
    Or is such a feature planned ? (I'd offer some technical assistance if needed, Imho, the option should be located during creation of the thread)

    How is the general opinion on such a feature ?
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  2. traveller22

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    Hi there.

    I hear what you're saying & I agree - one can make a case for increased privacy & not allowing non-NoFap members viewing content.

    An alternative argument/reasoning could be that closing it to non-members would rob many of the hope of finding a way out of PMO addiction.

    In my opinion, pornography is the greatest silent scourge of our time, enslaving millions of men (and women). If I have to sacrifice some privacy in the hope that others will read what I post & feel encouraged & empowered, so be it.

    While I can understand what you're driving at in your post, I think the world needs far greater transparency & honesty when it comes to pornography. Maybe the current lack of visibility controls on NoFap is part of that.

    What do you think?


  3. I've posted about this in a previous thread, but basically standard internet-safety-mindfulness applies here. Yeah, we might have some sign-up-to-view sections in the future, but it's important to recognize that people from other porn-recovery sites, blogs, journalists, etc, come here to copy-and-paste testimonials and stories about quitting porn, and often don't ask for permission to republish. So if anonymity is important to you, be sure to not reveal personal details about yourself publicly on your profile or posts.

    As @traveller22 mentioned, keeping the posts public allows for people to find NoFap and get the help that they need, so the forum will probably not go to full members-only-viewing for quite a long time (although maybe someday, after the website content is more established).

    Are you a web developer who has relevant experience coding for forum software? We could always use help.
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  4. wake_up

    wake_up Fapstronaut

    Oh, cool, even got Alex' attention :-D

    Hmm, it seems I've forgotten to send my previous message, and now it's gone.
    Anyway, the message was first about not liking the direction in which the discussion is going :p
    But I totally get your point, I thought about it the last days and changed my opinion.

    To be honest, I've never seen such a feature in a forum, but I thought in this context it could be useful. Most forums have just these sign-up-to-view sections, that's true.
    But here I really meant visibility of just single threads (the default should be public, but there could be the option visible for members-only, if the user "wishes more privacy").
    It's a fairly weak "protection" but on the other hand, if it's not directly accessible in the public net, it's almost non-existent without putting real effort into the search (or in this case sign-up at specific sites/forums).

    I don't think the nofap forums should ever go *full* members-only. Ok, nofap got quite famous with reddit and now even with the time magazine article but I expect most traffic comes from google. So the biggest part of it has to stay searchable. It's really diffucult to anticipate, how such an option would affect the forums in the long term.

    When I search for nofap related stuff, I use google of course (in a private tab xD). In general, I find the most useful results at nofap reddit, or in the sexual health / general sections (especially rebooting, self improvement & reset and relapse reports).
    I focus more on practial tips, how to overcome specific problems during the journey. These sections are a real goldmine for that.
    The reboot logs seem to contain more personal stories, etc. Sure they help especially at the beginning a lot, e.g. to get an impression with what you're dealing
    but reddit is full of such stories as well ...

    Ultimately, you're probably right. Not revealing personal details about oneself will ensure anonymity.
    The time is better invested in other things/features ...

    Hehe, as usual with pitches:
    I'm an engineer, but I cofounded a web design company some years ago. I was responsible for the technical part (mainly configuring infrastructure & software, adaptation, scripting).
    (That's now the point where I'll have to look out and not reveal too many personal details ;),
    but we could PM if you like.)
    I'm currently stuck in the hamster wheel but I could help out on the weekends. That feature would have been separated nicely, so I thought I could use it as a weekend project or so ...

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