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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Blockie, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Blockie

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    I've been wanting to start my morning routine but im quite worried because of some reasons, which i want to ask in this thread. Let me get to the point:

    My goals or at least my imagination is to (in order)
    • Wake up at 4:40 AM (main goal)
    • Meditate (I've been meditating for 61 days so far)
    • Fasted Exercise
    • Cleaning
    • Cold Showers
    Now, my worries are:
    • I never feel good/motivated after waking up early. I usually will be sleepy throughout the day. It's so hard for me to let go of that sleepiness.
    • How should i start implementing that? Should i start those that all at once?
    • Is there any way it could affect my health in a bad way? Im a student and has to study at school for about 8 hours straight
    • Im totally out of shape because i rarely exercise.
    • Is there a better routine for a beginner and a student like me? Or any way to improve this?
    Let me know about your thoughts, good or bad, i'll appreciate it ;)
  2. lolos

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    There are a few reasons as to why you might be tired throughout the day:
    -if you're young (>18) you're natural sleep cycle is pushed back which will make it harder to get up earlier
    -You could be not getting enough sleep. You should get 8 hours at least, if you are very busy/working out get 8.5
    -it could be nothing to do with sleep, you're just not eating enough or not eating good foods

    Pick 3 which are the most important to you (I recommend sleeping, eating, lifting) and get those consistent before you add in other habits.

    see my first point, if you are tired throughout the day it is affecting you in a bad way.

    Everyone is out of shape to begin with, don't worry about it. Also as a side note it sounds like when you say you are exercising you are doing cardio. Lifting is far superior to cardio.

    Looks pretty good. I would make one of your goals eating properly if you aren't already doing that. Also waking up better is not always better. You have to find a time that works for you with you're schedule for school and other stuff. If you have a job that requires you to work later or something there is no problem with sleeping in. As long as it is a normal sleep cycle, not going to bed at 2 everynight.
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  3. properWood

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    I wouldn't talk about a morning routine without an evening routine:
    - go to bed at the same time
    - ditch phone/computers/strong lights 1 hour before bed time
    - read for a while
    - take a hot shower/bath to signal your body to get into sleep mode
    - journal -> will clear your mind of unwanted thoughts
    - clean/organize surfaces in your flat -> knowing that you have a clean kitchen will work wonders on your motivation in the morning
    - arrange the clothes you'll be wearing the next day -> this is sometimes overlooked, but it's very simple to implement

    Basically, going together with @lolos advice, you first want to sleep properly before you can think of a morning routine.
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  4. if your getting up at 4:40 your going to bed at 8pm, can you be asleep by 8:40pm ? why get up at that time ? what about when you need more sleep than usual?

    cycle or walk to collage
    keep your workout small and simple
    cold showers seems not likely sustainable

    your morning routine should be easily sustainable
  5. Blockie

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    Thanks for the kind reply!
    You've given me some good point about why i might be tired.
    And about your 2nd point there, I get it. 8 hours has been my magic number and if i don't get that much sleep, i'll be tired.
    Your 3rd point could be the case as well. Im not really eating good or healthy(?) foods, because i don't like most of it. So perhaps i should change myself there as well.

    Actually, i haven't really given a proper thought about what exactly the kind of exercise i should do. But in my mind, it's the kind that i can do outside and sort of getting the fresh morning air. Kinda confused here, but I don't exactly understand about lifting and cardio, perhaps you can do that outside, right?

    I will save that on my mind.
    EDIT: now i think about it, i don't really understand about the normal sleep cycle you're talking about. Any ideas?
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  6. Blockie

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    Thanks for the reply!
    and yes, this is kind of thing that i did most nights but my 'before sleep 1hr ritual' is inconsistent.
    What i did was ditching my phone and strong lights 1hr before sleep, while that i read books and sometimes journaling. That's all though.
    I did it because i actually have trouble putting my mind to rest before sleep.

    About these suggestions, i actually haven't think about it.
    So yeah, i feel i really have to try those.
  7. Blockie

    Blockie Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the kind reply!
    Yeah that's kind of the worries i had. I never sleep that early before, i used to sleep about 10 PM because that's when i really felt relaxed.
    But well, i never really put a serious intention and effort for sleeping early, so i've got to try first, i think.
    Well, the reason is.. religious reason. And i really cannot ignore that anymore, so i have to.
    That's also my worries, 8:40PM/9PM seems very early and my schedule always changes, so im pretty sure there will be a time where i have to sleep later than usual. That case all i can think about is getting better sleep quality than quantity, though i might have to look upon that later. Either way, if it worried my health, i think i should miss my routine.

    I like that first suggestion, i can't really do it now, but later im pretty sure i can, so i'll save it on my mind!
  8. lolos

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    You don't have to be eating 'healthy' foods, like kale and spinach all the time. Just make sure you eat enough ie breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a snack, get some fruit and vegetables in there and try to cut out processed foods, basically snacks or meals that come in packets. I will talk more about eating later once I talk about lifting.

    I would recommend you start lifting weights. It has so many fucking benefits that I won't go into detail about, but it will improve almost every aspect of your life. I would start with a program like starting strength or stronglifts. They are similar introductory programs which focus on improving strength and require you to go to the gym for about an hour 3x a week. There's heaps of resources out there on how to do these programs and why you should do them as a beginner, I have a huge post written on it in my history I have information on the program as well as a sample meal plan. Alan Thrall has some realy good videos on form for the main lifts, I suggest you learn how to do them from his videos. Revisiting eating, once you start to lift you will crave good foods. It will become a lot easier to eat healthy. If you don't know how to cook learn some simple recipes like chicken marinades and spag bol to start with, and you can learn more complicated meals as you get better.

    When I say a normal sleep routine I mean something that fits with most other peoples sleep routines, basically not waking up super late or super early (waking up after midday or before 2am). Say for example you start school or work or whatever at 9am every morning and you're morning routine takes 2 hrs to complete. Then wake up at 7am so you have enough time to complete you're morning routine and you aren't sitting around.

    Godspeed brother, let me know how the gym goes.

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