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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by lekasenor, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to cope with intense withdrawal?
    (besides meditation, unless you know of a very specific guided meditation that’s cool, but I already meditate normally every day.)

    Like there’s got to be something to reverse the effects.. I work out and yes that helps too, but I wanted to hear what else is out there. I mean all these websites talk about all the symptoms of withdrawal but what about the treatments! You know what I mean?
    Like for a headache you take, aspirin. But what do you take for this? I’m mainly talking about the cravings in the brain. What do people suggest??
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    Change your routine, and change your life. The porn addiction is a habit born out of routine. Thoughts of using usually result from putting yourself into the scenarios that you’ve used to use. This can be as a simple as getting away from the computer, or rearranging a room. My addiction was so powerful and controlling for me that I was either browsing P in public, or I would objectify or scan for sexual objects at every opportunity. It takes a mindfulness of this behavior and constant correction in order to overcome it. You have to stay diligent and strong and avoid temptation. If you find new triggers or urges, take the time to reflect on them and find a way to short circuit the behavior or thoughts.

    Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, or relief from the symptoms. Sure you can put up porn blockers or turn on restrictions for your browser or OS, but this doesn’t actually change your behavior. Your brain needs time to rewire, and I would caution against using anything that promises fast results, as you are working on correcting a chemical imbalance in your brain, getting it back to a normal healthy level of dopamine, adding more chemicals to this doesn’t allow your mind the chance recover in the appropriate manner.

    What really happens in the addiction is allowing your impulsive lower brain to take control. These are those instincts and drive that says you need to something. Your intelligence and capability of thought and conscious decision making has been impaired by allowing your lower brain to control and make decisions. You now have to let your conscience rule again, and correct those lower impulses, make intelligent decisions, and bury that lower mammalian part of your brain, until it can actually do some good in your life by rewarding you for chasing your passions rather than looking for P.
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    You have to replace an addiction with something else. You can not quit an addiction hoping it will be better because it is out of your life. And that "something else" to replace your addiction could be a passion (positive of course) that you like to do. Second of all, being alone by yourself is not going to help. I paid $125/hr for counseling to hear those things so you owe me an ice cream cone. = )
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    Just think of it as the price you are paying for years of bad behavior.
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  6. Whenever I get the beginning of a sexual thought I physically shake my head in a "no not today" fashion... Generally only do it when on my own (since when I'm with other people I'm too occupied to be thinking about those thoughts) but it's actually working quite well.

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