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    Hello to everyone and esp. moderators if y'all are reading this.

    I have a few suggestions that could make this website and the challenge in particular more exciting and encouraging.

    1) Rather than plainly having 500+ days in the counter, it would great if we could go upto 4 digits so that people are encouraged to achieve tougher and higher goals in general. (5000+ days?)

    2) One major problem with fapstronauts is that our mind often tricks us into believe that edging or p-subs aren't harmful at all and we could do them often so to the counter, would it possible to add No P-subs or No- Edging to the counter to make people more cautious of their progress and their journey too?

    Drop suggestions and things that you want implemented onto this people reading this if you want so that we can make this challenge more succesful and achieve the rewards we thought we couldn't get :)
  2. 1. We plan to increase the number of days that appear in counters.

    2. We will be adding this option, and more.

    Don't have an ETA on these changes yet.
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    I like the ideas. Though may I also suggest a strikethrough option on text? with a shortcut option like command+shift+x (to match google docs and others)
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