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  1. Jman123

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    I replaced this morning in bed.

    The time I spend in bed is the time I was triggered the most. How do all of you handle this? also I'm glad to say it's not porn that's the problem. I've for the most part over come my addiction to porn (I still have some weak moments but they are not often and are becoming less often as time passes) - now it's just masterbation, specifically the time while I'm in bed (when I'm suppose to be sleeping).
  2. TripToFreedom

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    You may be going to bed before your tired so you lay there anxiously, or maybe your old routine was to watch right before bed. That was the case for me. Try replacing that habit....instead of doing that, read, or start a journal.
  3. Karlsson

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    Why are you not suppose to masturbate? Masturbating is something we and other animals have done for thousands of years.
  4. Karlsson

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    Because I have been addicted to porn for the last 13-15 years. All kinds of messed up porn. Now I have been free from it since the 1 January.
  5. Jman123

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    I'm glad you're free from it! That's awesome! Masterbation is wrong, i cite the bible on that one. However, there is plenty of other material of this site to look at if that doesn't convince you.
  6. Thrices

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    U'll do it, u'hv done it.congrats!
  7. Ad4gio

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    Something I find helpful for temptations in bed:

    Keeping a collection of short-stories on a bedside table. Our brains are highly satisfied by success - especially in completing something. A short story is something you can pick up, start, and finish in a small amount of time - and it gives your brain that feeling of accomplishing something that might just be enough to calm you down. An example of a collection of short stories would be the complete Sherlock Holmes collection, but of course there are many others.
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  8. I Free I

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    That's actually a really good idea !

    If you can avoid being in bed awake too long (Example : Waking up and still staying in bed) than avoid it because once your mind wanders, everything else will usually follow. Watch your thoughts .
  9. the difference between pleasure, and release. just wondering your take, it's one think to do it for pleasure, and look at porn, images, or fanitisize while doing it, but after 15 days, or me 10 days, your going crazy, and need to focus on other things but can.t need to release, is that bad?
  10. Jman123

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    semen is your seed. It is wrong to throw it away onto the ground. That's all.

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