Suicide hurts everyone except...

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    the person that commits the act. Never, never quit believing in yourself. Whether 14 or 67, there is a place for us. That spirit that put us here wants us to walk into that cloud and come out the other side a new gift of the successful heroes journey.
    Rest in peace Tony.
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    I'm so sorry for your lost, I'm here if you want to talk to someone.
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    May God have mercy on his soul
    Was he your friend?
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    I believe Nada is talking about Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity who committed suicide today. Like Robin Williams and other people of fame, when they end their lives, we sit and wonder, "why, given all they have, would they end their lives?" It is tragic when anyone decides to end their life, but particularly poignant when that person is famous. We can use the knowledge of these losses to understand that we ALL are human, struggling with life.

    The first precept of Buddhism is that life is suffering because we either cling to pleasurable things or avoid painful ones. The end to suffering is available to everyone through a mindful practice to life. When we understand that nothing is permanent, that we are more than the labels we slap on ourselves, and self-criticism is unproductive, then we can move into a life where the ups and downs are easier to ride. Peace brothers, learn to surf the emotional waves of life and freedom from PMO is a little easier!
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