Suicide is one option...

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  1. Happiness in life is determined by the circumstances in which you were born. If you were born into a wealthy, happy family you will likely be financially secure and happy until the end of your life. If you are born into a dysfunctional family of drug addicts you will likely be just like your parents because everything in life is perpetual as life is a competition and money is God in our society. If you are upper class you are God, if you are lower class you are treated like dirt. Drugs and porn are for poor people to escape the pain of being poor so they can transition to homelessness where they can commit suicide after they have paid their dealers their money and time. The rich get richer. Every dollar is blood money. If you are wealthy you have everything. If you are poor you have nothing. That is how capitalism works. If you are on this forum you have been duped by the rich, because they control the porn industry. Nobody has any free will except to be governed by impulses and primitive instincts like fear. If addicts had free will they wouldn't be addicts in the first place. The element of chance when you were born just happened to result in circumstances that encourage addiction, and a bad life, and this random number generator just happened to spit out the right numbers for the person next to you for them to never have any real problems. Once you are on a downwards spiral the only place to go is to continue going dowwards because nobody tells you rock bottom is actually death. The people that commit suicide just get there faster. Rich people have a life drive and poor people have a chronic death drive. The people most prone to child abuse, and other crimes are, you guessed it: poor people. In the animal kingdom the prey are destined to suffer being eaten alive while they yelp and scream in pain, while the predator enjoys it. The rich are predators, the poor prey. The gap between poor and rich is also shrinking. Some people are just born to suffer while someone else enjoys it because that's their destiny, so they have no free will. Why live like that? Better to just die than accept your lot of misery in life. Life has no bounds for cruelty, and no bounds for good luck and everything else you can never have for the randomly selected people that are the lucky ones which are 90% of people. The brain is engineered from the ground up to avoid pain and encourage addiction. Everyone is screwed over eventually. If addiction doesn't screw you over life does. Either one will leave you wanting to kill yourself brutally. Meanwhile there are filthy rich housewives that only need to think about having kids with their gorgeous husband. They get to enjoy life to the fullest. To be a man is to suffer from a perpetual inferiority complex of never being good enough. You have to provide as a man. To be born a rich woman you are a Goddess. You can live consequence free until the day you die. You don't even have to live in our reality anymore. You can take hallucinogenic drugs until you die. After the constant harem of life, what do you get in the afterlife? Heaven, believe it or not. Guess the chances of a porn addict going to heaven? Zilch. Only because we're born with the wrong genitals. After all it's way easier when you brain literally produces less dopamine from watching porn if you're a blessed female. With no refractory period you can literally be a sex Goddess in this life with no consequences. Fuck being a man. Being a man is living in a constant existential crisis due to a fight between your lower brain in your crotch and your upper brain which is in your head. It's literally a joke. Being a man is nature's joke. You know what happens to males in the animal kingdom? They are disposed of. Their hearts give out at the moment reproduction is successful. A female praying mantis bites the head off a male. Men are expendable only to be used and discarded.
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    Rich people get addicted too though... Not trying to sound like a dick but imo your thought patterns have gotten so negative it will be difficult for you to accomplish any positive goals. You need to find a way to snap yourself out of it. Can't hurt to see a therapist...
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    Paragraphs are another.
  4. Another option is to get your ass up and fight
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    This post is filled with assumptions, generalizations, black & white thinking, and slippery slopes. Ergo, it's just another bait post.
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    Quit playing video games. Quit watching porn. Quit watching so much tv. Quit masturbating.
    Stop eating so much sugar filled carbohydrates.
    Start eating lean protein sources such as chicken, bison, eggs, protein shakes.
    Also eat rice, potatoes, oatmeal, beans, lentils, quinoa.
    Also eat fresh fruits, vegetables.
    Eat good, healthy food.
    Begin working out 4 times a week. A mixture of weight lifting and cardio. Stop sleeping in so late. Don't sit around your house doing nothing.

    When you fix your body, your mind will automatically begin functioning in a better way. I would guess that you are not in great physical shape and also that you have watched a lot of porn in your life. Which is why you feel women have things better because you have seen countless hours of women having sex.

    Do you really think sex feels better as a woman? Women feel pain during sex sometimes. When a woman loses her virginity, it is painful, not pleasurable. Also, a lot of women do not orgasm during sex. Many of them have to masturbate to orgasm because their boyfriend/husband finishes too quickly.

    Sex feels just as good for a man as it does a woman, maybe even better because we don't have to worry about getting pregnant. Also, sex is never painful for a man, but sex can be painful for a woman.

    You, yourself, can have great pleasurable sex and a great pleasurable life as a poor man. It is possible.

    I think you are just laying down too much or sitting down too much. Gotta move your body around more
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    Think it's the other way around. I think renewing your mind is the first step to being healthy.
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    I have experimented though with “forcing” myself in a good mood through healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep.

    There is a mind-body connection. Say for example you have a back ache… this also affects your mind and your emotions become more negative

    A healthy body provides a good foundation for a healthy mind, in my opinion at least

    But I still agree with your reply as well though. Things like meditation and reading are a couple ways to make the mind more healthy
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  9. Suicide is never be an option. I went many times through hell.
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    What the f#ck is wrong with you?? Jesus, get some help
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    In my opinion to be a women is harder in life than as a men.
    Because women have only their youth and their beauty, but this is fading.
    There are a lot of women, who are fat, became old and has children and are forced to struggle in life.

    Yes women have allways access to sex. But women don't have the same desire for sex like men. They don't have allways orgasm and men are using them only for sex.
    Women feels often used after the one-night-stand.
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    No, that's demonstrably false. More likely to be financially secure, yes. financial security is a single component of happiness. But there are a lot, and I men a lot, of rich people who are extremely unhappy. All the rich people are on anti-depressants, which either means they can afford them, or they are disproportionately miserable dsepite their means.

    Read that sentence back to yourself. Do it. Do it now.
    Does it make any sense to you whatsoever? No, it can't, because it doesn't make sense. If you are born into a family of drug addicts you will do what they do because money is God? You, my friend, are in the irrational depressed soup of addiction and/or withdrawal, this is not a coherent thought.

    Taking your lessons from the Marxist school of envy, are you? Don't do it. Marx will kill you. He didn't mean it that way, but his is the way of the gulag, the torture chamber, the political prisoner, the slave.

    Do you have any idea how much cocaine rich people do? I don't actually know either because I'm not rich, but I hear it's a lot. And if you're going to commit suicide, why not do it before you pay off your dealers, especially if it's an unjust debt? Think smarter, not harder.

    There you go with the Marxist envy again. Don't pay attention to the propaganda, just look at results, okay? Look at nations that have adopted Marxism, and nations that have allowed the markets to determine themselves, with moderation of course because we all know that truly free markets get weird and evil pretty fast. Spoiler alert; in free-ish market societies, the rich get richer and the poor also get richer. Not as fast, not as rich, but they do a hell of a lot better than they were doing before, and in the Marxist nations? The powerful get richer and the poor f*'n starve.
    And as for the porn industry, stop with the conspiracy nonsense. We got hooked on porn ultimately because we chose it, not because rich people or "society" or whatever made us. I can get into that, it's a litt- no a lot more nuanced than that, but you empower yourself by taking responsibility for your own actions. The minute you give responsibility to others is the minute you give away your power to help yourself or anybody else.

    That's... not free will.

    That's not addiction. Or free will.

    Envy, envy, envy! Stop comparing yourself to other people! My dude, nobody will ever be happy. We're not biologically wired for it. If you're happy for too long, you just raise the challenge and the stakes. You can't live without a certain amount of stress in your life or your soul atrophies, like and astronaut's muscles. You can look at the guy beside you and say "His problems aren't as bad as mine! It's not fair!," but first of all you don't know what he's going through and second of all, it doesn't matter! You deal with your stuff. Let him deal with his. And when it's all settled, and he says "look at all I accomplished," you can say "yeah, but look what I had to get through to win what I did."

    No. It's easier to continue downwards, but it's not a foregone conclusion. Because free will.

    For the first time, hard agree. Stop slinging around this "rock bottom" bs, y'all. You're devaluing true despair.

    Yes! Everybody dies! Some people just enjoy the time until then a little bit more. I'm with you on this.

    Ah Sh!7, we're back to this again.

    Yeah man, suffering perpetuates suffering, true story. We have to be the ones to absorb the suffering without passing it on, that's where you find meaning in life.

    Don't you mean widening? I mean you said earlier, the rich are getting richer. That would mean the gap was widening. I just wanted to make sure we're on the same page.

    I'm confused. The rich are like, the top 1%. Yeah. That's the number they keep throwing around, 1%. Then the poor are like, 30% or something, depends on how you define "poor," and "rich" for that matter, and then the rest of us are somewhere in the middle. Which is why they call it "middle class." This 90% thing, that's not rich or lucky or whatever, by the time you hit 90% that's called "normal." If you're angry or sad that you're not normal, I mean hey. I have a shoulder. You can cry on it. I'll kick you in the ass once you're done and be real with you, but you can howl and rage at me and I'll listen.

    We could get into this, but no. For now, just, no.

    This is true, yeah.

    Addiction, I think falls under the broad category of "life" but okay.

    Woah, now we're getting into some psychological issues. Brutally? You're angry, my dude. Someone in despair just wants it to end. Brutally? You feel guilty over something, you're angry, you want to punish yourself. Or punish someone. You need to figure some stuff out and work through it.

    Envy again, same old class envy and now you're in gender envy. Trust me, women have a different, but equally tough row to hoe. I fully agree that men, in this particular cultural moment, do not get enough credit for the pressure and demands we undertake, and part of it is because complaining is wholly outside our particular prescribed set of ethics, but women have it tough too. In a different way. They earn their way, men earn their way. If anything they're in more of a lottery than us, because at least we can work hard and smart and get success. If they're born ugly, they have to find another way to make it work and it's not easy.

    I don't think a harem is what you think it is. Hedonism? Did you mean hedonism of life?

    How do you know who is going to heaven? What belief system are we working with here? I'm not aware of a single one where heaven is a guarantee. If it's Christianity, man, I can tell you all about that. There's hella misconceptions about Christian heaven and how to get there, but I can give you the 411 on what the actual New Testament says about it. Not the Billy Graham version either, I mean the full deal.

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Hold on. Did you know about the lady porn addicts around here? It's a thing. I know there aren't as many, but they're here. A lot of them even go under the radar, they don't show they are female because they get a lot of sh!7 from people like you.
    My dude, your brain has been warped by porn to overvalue sex. It's not your maleness that made you overvalue sex. It's porn. You have to ignore the women, okay? You're not in a position to deal with that right now. Porn has made you simultaneously love and hate women; love them for what porn promises they can do for you, hate them for what they haven't and won't. But it's a lie. Women can't make you happy the way porn promised they can make you happy. The way they promise women make other men happy. That stuff doesn't exist. And those women that have all the sex they could ever want? They have the same existential crisis you do, because they have learned or are learning that sex doesn't satisfy like they thought it would. Porn makes sex into a god and women as its priestesses, and those are roles none of them asked for or were intended to have. Deprogram your brain. Get off the porn, and disabuse yourself of the lies it told you.

    Okay so no? That's not what happens in the entire animal kingdom, that's like, a fraction. There's lots of different roles in lots of different animals. Some, like bees, do give out after reproduction. The mantis, they found out that only happens in captivity. In the real world the lady mantis lets the dude go off and do whatever it is dude mantises do after mating. Male lions protect their pride, male penguins help incubate the eggs, there's all kinds of male animals that retain their utility after ejaculation. Do you want to be a f*'n bee? Or do you want to be a lion? Because you can choose.

    Listen, I am all for the suicidal rant. Go look at my journal, I am miserable. I talk about suicide sometimes, and I think about it constantly. But you've gotta make sense when you do it and let me tell you something from experience. Like, a lot of experience. Experience in being addicted, experience in quitting addiction, and experience being off addiction. Life sucks while using porn, okay? and it sucks even more the longer you do it. It numbs your brain, like Novocaine, it makes it so you can't think right and you're emotionally clumsy, so you run into stuff and hurt yourself, emotionally, on all kinds of stuff and when you hurt you apply more Novocaine and it's this vicious cycle. Then you stop using the Novocaine and it's hell. It is literal hell on earth. I can't say it's being thrown into a lake of fire for perpetuity, but it can make you feel like you deserve that fate and maybe even make you want that fate. It makes you want to kill yourself, brutally. Just like you said. You hate everything around you and you hate yourself even more, I know this. This lasts two week minimum. It usually lasts around 30 days. For me, this last time, it lasted until right around now. I had a couple decent days here and there, but yesterday and the day before I was absolutely wretched and I might be there again tomorrow. But it can get better if you hang in there.

    Do your time. And stop being jealous of what you think other people have. Your professors lied to you, they're full of garbage, they're college professors! They're comfortable middle class, they don't know anything about being poor! They don't know why poor people are poor, they don't know how to stop people from being poor. Or lonely. Or desperate. Us, the people here, the addicts, the users, the scum, we are your people. We know who you are and what you can do to make it better. Listen to us. Not to those jokers in the classroom and the YouTubes and the TikToks or whatever. We know where you're at, and you don't have to keep feeling this way forever.
  13. What the fuck is wrong with you? Can't handle the truth?
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  14. It is when the hell never ends because you're too traumatised to do anything about it and you have no fight left anymore, and you dread every day because you're terrified of what bad experience you could have next. I live every day in crippling fear of other people because I know they're going to make my life miserable if I stand up for myself in any way. Some people have so much power over you they can do anything to you and you can't do anything to them. The only option is to leave, but you're too scared to do the things you need to do to leave.
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    Very black and white thinking there dude .
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    Yes but physical activity is good for your mind you don't just wake up one day happy as a pig in shit . People who have depression or me tal health issues exercise is part of getting your mind right
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    It is not the truth.... you proclaim yourself as a victim and the whole universe as the oppressor
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  18. I wouldn't say women have it harder in life than men, each gender has its own struggles.

    Isn't this a big assumption, physical attractiveness is an important factor for both males and females , yes men aged better but you shouldn't place all the value of a person on their youth. What after 25-30 years women suddenly how nothing of value and have struggle. You also assume that all women are equally beautiful or age at the same rate, which is not the case.

    An average woman can easily find an attractive partner while for men, it its much more difficult if you are average or bellow.

    What do you mean they have children, do you consider this a bad thing?

    This is also a very big assumption, why do u assume that men are always using them for sex, isn't it supposed to be a act that both parties have to consent to.

    Also if a women feels used after a one-night stand then that is her responsibility, she has full control of who she choses to perform that act with.
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    Do you ever read things about people's perspective on life in totality and go: 'yes, that is how you grew up...'

    I hope you feel better OP and things get better for you. From my perspective, your view of life in this post seems very skewed. But hey, mine is in some ways too so.

    You think women all lead lives of luxury, at times in my life I thought all men inherently want to abuse, hurt, kill, sexually assault and rape women. Neither of us are correct.

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