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    In reading through threads both here and on the subreddit it seems like the frequent theme of hopelessness followed by suicidal thoughts keep cropping up. Some of the most commented threads on the subreddit involve someone contemplating suicide. It's great that our members can rally to help someone in need. But NoFap, nor it's members, are truly qualified to handle these kinds of crises. Forums like this attract people with legitimate mental health problems which have manifested as sex/porn addiction but those individuals might need a professional or someone who is trained to deal with people in crisis.

    We have a Panic Button to help people who are in danger of relapsing. How much more critical it is to have a Suicide Prevention Button for someone who's life is truly in danger?

    I know these resources can be found simply by doing a google search, but many individuals still post here (or on Reddit). Maybe they do this because they feel comfortable with some of the members here... maybe we can can relate to the despair that addiction causes.... I don't know. What do you think about adding a little green box next to the little red Panic Box at the top of the screen that could link them to the appropriate resources?
  2. We already have a plan for something like this, whenever we have the time to do so. Thank you for posting.

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