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  1. Anyone struggling with this right now? I'm not quite at the point where I want to take my own life but I'm sick of waking up each day. Know the feeling?
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  2. Why are you sick of waking up every day ?
  3. SoaringEagle

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    It will pass! Can't say more without any details or specifics.
    But low periods can come and go and its severity depends on many factors and people have different ways of getting out of it.
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  4. I'm just tired guys. Tired of everything. Making conversation. Going to work. Reading. Tv. Etc. I constantly feel like I want to go to bed. Doesn't matter what I do. I feel like no matter what everything will be the same
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    There is an odd chance that it won't be the same!
    You might be surprised to come across joyful events in your life even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment or at the very least to enjoy the human circus show that is running.

    If you don't feel like doing anything for now don't. Relax, listen to what your body is telling you. Looks like you might be burned out for a short while and need to recharge.
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    Perhaps you need a break, perhaps you need to find a new job, perhaps you need to change your diet, perhaps you need a reframing of mindset...

    In any case never forget this
  7. If I seriously wanted to suicide and had no other option, I'd try to live my life to the fullest first, doing everything I always wanted to do. I would quite literally live everyday as if it's my last with 0 fucks given - screw tons of babes, fly a jet, step on the gas down the highway with a super car, try for UFC, kill evil people, maybe take tons of drugs, etc. I'd go out with a massive bang. Just me though. I don't get why people suicide without a bang.
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  8. Screwing babes, driving a super car, try for UFC etc. is the last thing on peoples mind when they have suicidal depression. They lack all the motivation and energy to even get out of bed. Only death is on their mind.
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  9. It's like throwing away a bottle of coke without drinking it first..
  10. 5 years ago... yes. Today... No.​
    [Listening. Silent and Listening]​
    [Nodding] yes.​
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    Yes, I know the feeling, especially when I'm perpetually living in PMO cesspools and other sh*# holes. When I'm not in these dives, I feel different and want to get our of bed. Death wishes for me are just wishes to kill the behaviors and lifestyles that make me unhappy - to kill the addict self, not my healthy and worthy self. I seek better paths and resolve to better follow eternal and lasting values. Then, life looks brighter.

  12. How many hours do you sleep?
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    That's funny, your bang would be a hospital bed hahahaha you don't know what you are talking about.
  14. I think part of the reason people become suicidal is that even if they could do those things they no longer want to
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  15. Usually go to sleep around 10-1030. Wake around 6
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    Yeah i feel like this nowadays.. I recently failed my med school entrance SECOND TIME!
    i know it doesn't sound like so many attempts but i was really so sure this time... I worked hard for this sh*t and in the last few months i just gave up... I indulged in porn and all, i just wanted a little rest but now i can't even focus on anything... It's like my brain stopped working as it used to be few months ago. I just want to restart my life, i can't even afford a house on rent... I'm so scared how i'm gonna live this messy life...
    I don't even know what im doing here on this forum, i just wanna escape my situation................
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  18. tout ça pour ça

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    talk to someone. just let them know how you feel. make contact.
    it will help to know someone is listening.
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    My Journal
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    Nice video. Give me fire! And strenght
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