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    I am a 32yo male who discovered PMO so long ago, lets say age 12 give or take a year(~60%). Back when edging was not just part of the end game but a result of poor internet connection and the use of newsgroups. I had never really considered this a problem though, until I read some nofap info. What hit me the most was that on a couple of occasions even I would consider the extent to get a fix was bizarre and carried on.

    As far as I can tell this has not affected me in terms of performance or physical symptoms. During or outside of my two 3 year+ relationships. However if I compare myself to others (always a good idea) I am still very uncomfortable around women.

    I am writing this as I am actually 42 days in. I started this in a 'wing it' mode, trying to abstain from PMO (involuntary hard mode). Which soon turned in to a 1 month and currently I am trying 3 months and planning to leave it at that unless any kind of magic is going to kick in.

    Oh, I am also trying to reduce a different time consuming 'bad' habit and attempting an improvement points, where the last is probably the hardest of it all and it's just brushing before going to bed...

    All in all I have a bit more spare time, though I do not know how to enjoy it.

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    welcome .
    ur efforts against pmo , ur willingness against it and ur observation thoughts highly appreciated.
    spending more time on nofap helps a lot.
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    Welcome, I'm glad you're here.

    My suggestion is to think about what you would enjoy doing with your spare time. If you want to defeat a bad habit, having something good to take it's place makes a big difference.

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