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    im not perfect with retaining sperm, and i still edge sometimes. but after refraining from cumming its like it attracts women. they can DEFINATELY sense when you refrain from cumming.

    yesterday i was sitting on a park bench and there was this hot chick walking her dog. i thought she was out of my league but she kept lingering around. finally i just talked to her and she sat down and we chatted for a bit.
    i didnt ask for her number though she did mention shes single. i just didnt have quite that amount of confidence.

    there was a rival guy across the way was looking on as we were talking. he was staring so much i felt kinda weird like he might be with her. iguess he was just jealous i was able to connect with her.
    as she left he tried talking to her and she just said hi and kept walking. i loved his rejection.

    but yea that was a pretty powerful experience. holding on . 4th day holding out
  2. ckfighter81

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    i mean i know that sperm retention helps incredibly to attract women. countless times i can feel women attracted to me in passing at a grocery store, gas station etc..

    just this story was special because even I WAS SHOCKED because she soo hot.

    also it was different because there was another guy in the area and maybe because im extra in tune not only am i able to attract women but im able to sense when a guy is attracted to the same one?

    it brings more questions. was he looking on trying to throw me off my game? was he just jealous? was it just truely amazing i was talking to this woman and he had to watch? was he a sperm retainer too and i sensed his threat to attract her?
    this was the first time i had a guy interfere with the connection.
  3. Your gonna have a great life.
  4. Im 19 im going to be a demigod after completing 1000 days no pmo im on day 12
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    I have no specific stories of female attraction however... I am generally more confident, my head is held high and I don't shirk eye contact with women.
    I think it is this confidence that women find attractive... any thoughts?
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    Keep the semen retetion buddy, proud of you. Encourages myself :)
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