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    I have been slowly weening off sex. It creating problematic behavior. It was a get away. I stopped having casual sex last February. I find myself very attractive. It was not hard to pull men. I was using men for sex because I had back/neck pain. I actually like back massages as much as sex. It feels extremely good.

    I stopped watching porn when I realized that human trafficking was extremely common. I was aware because of Dr. Lindsay Doe that sometimes porn was documented assault. I always did my best to avoid websites that didn't have a very clear consent/age document like I was traumatized from looking at any other website because thing you won't not want to see would pop up in the suggested. However, the extreme nature of the porn caused neuronal paths for kinks such as (squirting and group sex). It was not healthy for developing healthy relationship. I would like to delete these images from my mind. At first in a way I benefited from seeing different kinds of sex as I was realizing I was bisexual. But, eventually it became negative. It confuses your knowledge of right and wrong.

    Apparently, group sex is an abuse of divine energy. I believe so attracted to it because I have past lives in Egypt. Orgies were extremely common in ancient Egypt. They were extremely advanced. The energy created from orgies can be used in dark magic. This still happens today. Time is not linear. "Past" lives and "future" lives are experienced simultaneously. Your behavior in all your lives influence each other. Porn has aspects of black magic as well. Many porn production companies work with the occult. They can put demons in the films. I am not sure if porn can be used for white magic. I have fear and guilt from cam girling. I never showed my face. I used my interaction to connect to many minds and co create reality. I don't want it to come and haunt me. I want to let go of that fear.

    I have been trying to change the frequency of my cells. I did brain integration therapy. This was extremely helpful. I don't get intrusive negative sexual thoughts anymore. This therapy reprograms subconscious beliefs. I also see a chiropractor. Hickory dickory doc the mouse ran up the clock. The spine is access to spiritual realms. The mouse is an energy such as kundalini. The mouse is the spine. According the Crowley the grey magician. I am a white magician. I only use pure light.

    I am trying to purify my energy. Ashayana Deane teaches metaphysics. There is a mutation in our energy structure causes sexual dysfunction. The Metatron spiral does appear in nature, but it is not the natural configuration. This is the geometry of a black hole system. The natural structure of the divine blue print has been put at a tilt. When human beings are born they receive a kink in their DNA. I want to connect to sacred sexuality. I want to understand the Art of the divine relationship.

    The root chakra is important. When there is mutations in the code I can alter enlightenment. The clitoris is a spark point. So is the base of the penis. Keylonic sparks are made. When the mutation is cleared you have a path to Eden. There are six spark points. If you get rid of the mutation you can get to Eden faster. The sparks build up with the mutation, they get stored, then they release into the aura field after orgasm.

    Masturbation and sexuality is not unspiritual or dirty. The energy created from orgasm can be used to manifest. When I orgasm, instead of allowing the energy to simply blow out of me. I breathe in the energy released from my root chakra and move it to my 3rd eye to manifest. Before I knew this I would simply think about anything just to get off . I didn't know how to use it.

    I stopped using marijuana because it interferes with the angelic realms. Weed is a portal. But, bad entities can come through that portal without protection. I dream about sex. However, when I masturbate the sex becomes more apparent. I would like to dream about angelic realms. I had a dream about my plasma body.

    I have not masturbated for two days. I am proud of this. When you get horny you create "sparks" and "keys" in the root chakra. When I get horny when I don't want to be I "breathe up" the key and sparks. This could be a very powerful source of energy if I learn how to control it.

    I think I will masturbate tonight. I would like to go on "hard mode".
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    I have been in Hardmode for over a year now and these are some key points that i maintained. Some particular things will be different however as i am a man.
    The reason i started on NoFap was because i had PIED(porn induced erectile dysfunction), i found about this when i tried having sex for the first time. I really loved this girl so after i figured out what was wrong with me i told her everything and she was quite supportive and didn't leave me thinking my penis is broken or something lol. This gave me huge confidence and i have always had will power which made me start hardmode. Actually hardmode is the only mode which works effectively. The first two months were hell. It's kind of like periods in men xD, you go through all kinds of negative emotions. You feel frustrated, angry, agitated. However, with time it gets better and keeps getting better. The irony in my life is that the girl i loved didn't love me and was a Narcissist so i had to leave her but the lessons i learnt are life changing. So for starters, i recommend quitting all kinds of addictions that you have. I quit weed, smoking altogether, lsd, alcohol all at once. This sheer will power is what you need, if you don't have it build it first otherwise you won't last in the later stages. Then comes meditation, this is the best gift you can give to yourself. I didnt know about its wonderful effects atm so i recommend you start meditation. Your life will be transformed. I particularly recommend Sadhguru. He has an app and many different ways of meditation which will help you unlock all the chakras except Sahasrar or Crown chakra. Work on your physical body as well since if something is wrong with your physical body it won't let you concentrate on anything in life. "If you have a really sharp pain in your little finger, all you would do is think how to fix it"-Sadhguru. So in conclusion, quit addictions in one go, start meditation from Sadhguru( i do it myself, its called Sadhana so ik it works wonderfully and the app is free), eat healthy and workout.. Hardcore will be tough but eventually it will become your only mode and it will really give you peace and joy. I hope this helps ❤️
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    Why do I feel you're a troll
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    What was that meme like now?


    if you would like to go hard mode then go hard mode.

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