Superpowers are a myth, but don't give up (90 days)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by BelieveInSteven, Mar 26, 2015.

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    I'm sure all of you are aware of this, but not fapping doesn't give you superpowers. There are numerous posts on this forum, as well as the reddit thread to contradict this, but I'm serious. Not fapping simply allows us to make the most of what we already have, while fapping just diminishes our abilities. You could still view this as superpowers if you want, but I think of it as a realization of potential.

    I haven't fapped for more than 1-2 times a week in almost a year now. Around April last year, I decided I wanted to stop, looked at some articles on the benefits of stopping, and started doing it less. May, I got a little more determined, looked at the articles some more, and was at 28 days when I found noFap. From there, I went on to a 93 day streak. Not bad, eh? After breaking this streak, I struggled to reach a similar streak, always breaking after a week or so, never getting past 3-4 weeks. I'm not sure what caused me to start such a successful streak this time, but I can tell you guys how I sustained it.

    1) is a great resource. I use it almost daily, although that's because it's great for motivation to work and not just motivation to not masturbate. I highly recommend it regardless.
    2) This video helped me a lot. From there, you can find a bunch of other great stuff to help you reboot.
    3) Block adult websites on your computer and phone. You can have someone else know the password, but this can be cumbersome as random websites can get blocked. I know the password on my blockers, but the idea is that the speed bump of having to put in the password gives you enough time to think about what you're doing and stop. The best part is that since I've started doing this, it hasn't even been an issue.
    4) If you're feeling a strong temptation that you don't think you can overcome, stop whatever you're doing, get up, and go do something somewhere else. It doesn't matter what it is (as long as you're not fapping), just do something else. I think talking to someone would a great thing to do, but I've never tried it.
    5) Most importantly, just don't do it. That's it. Don't do it.

    Something else that I think would be a good idea is to get a spiral/piece of paper and write "It's not worth it" every time you relapse. Hopefully you'll never need this, but you could look at it when you feel a temptation. In theory, it would be more powerful the more you relapse, lessening the number of times you'd relapse in the future.

    A couple things I have noticed about my life have improved since abstaining: 1) The biggest one is that I'm a more sensitive person now, and I love that. Sad things make me sadder than they did before. I'm shocked hearing some of porn the guys at lunch talk about since I'm not watching it anymore. Being shocked isn't the goal; my point is that my brain is recovering from the desensitization that watching porn gets you.
    2) I really take for granted the extra time I now have from not fapping, but I'm sure I would get a lot less done if I still did it.
    3) I have nothing to hide now. Fapping was really the only part of my life I was ashamed of, and it's gone now. It feels great.
    4) I don't feel a desire to make disgusting sexual comments around girls anymore. I feel cleaner.

    For those of you wondering, I didn't have too much trouble with girls before starting noFap, so I can't talk about how it's made me so much more confident around them. I still get nervous occasionally, but overall, I did pretty well before and do pretty well now. I'm sure there have been subtle changes that have improved my "game" though. I've asked out two girls this past year, and I'm proud to say that both times I asked the girl straight-up, to her face. While I may not have been successful the first time, it's the effort that counts :p

    I hope this post has inspired you, because reading success stories always helped improve my resolve (add "Reading success stories" to the list up there). I wish the best of luck to all of you.

    TL;DR: Not fapping unlocks your true potential; you can do it! (cue excessively happy music and dance team)
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    It doesn't give super powers but it gives you the required time to achieve your full potential.
    Congratulations on your streak and keep it up!
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  3. Thanks for sharing, Steven. This is encouraging' and motivating.
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    yeah when we say super powers, its a metaphor
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    I like the thought of one day being able to write a success-story. Thinking "I made it. I'm happy"
  6. I believe that nofap does give us powers. Not viewing porn and masturbating in my opinion is better for us individuals mentally, spiritually and physically. By reserving that sexual part of ourselves we are cultivating ourselves and growing and becoming more than we use to be.
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    I never really thought about #4... but I don't feel the urge to make blatantly sexual comments and comments with a sexual undertone anymore.

    I also feel much less compelled to chase women. I will pursue a woman I desire but I won't chase tail anymore. Such a waste of time. If it takes a few weeks or a couple of months to get to know a woman and for us to engage in sex together (much different than me *ucking her) then it's no big deal. I'm not so desperate to have sex with anybody anymore. I have decided to take my time and get to know someone. And it's funny.... for me at least, I seem to have found someone as soon as I made the mental commitment to quit no matter what. I know it doesn't happen for everyone, but I have been working on myself for a LONG time and PMO was by far the biggest roadblock I had.... and I'm finally dismantling it.

    Yeah.... no superpowers.... but you also get rid of your super weakness, super delusion, and super shame.... so it may just as well be superpower from a certain point of view.
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    Yeah. Congratulations, BelieveInSteven. I appreciate the distinction you raised. It's important for many of us to define the results we choose to expect on our own terms, terms we can believe in. I can also understand how "superpowers" can motivate somebody toward abstinence whereas something more prosaic would have too stale an effect. Best on your continued empowerment!
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    We are truly amazing creatures capable of truly amazing things. Getting back to our roots, we are.
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    I don't know man.. I keep on reading this over and over and to me this sounds like super powers for the most part based on what this guy said:

    I got it from here:

    However, I am just feeling better about myself overall. More confident/relaxed and I keep noticing my eyes more and feeling good about the way I look. I just feel like myself. :D
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