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    everyone’s supplement requirements will vary greatly but here are some basics which should help. Firstly getting your vitamins and minerals from food and drink is number 1 priority before trying any supplements. As with all supplements it’s how long you take them for which will greatly affect your wellbeing in a positive manner.

    If you can, try and buy whole food organic supplements where possible. If you are in the UK the ‘together’ brand is ideal. If in the USA ‘body balance’ have a good range also.

    vitamins and minerals

    Zinc and magnesium
    Omega 3-6-9, fish oils, cod liver oil krill oil
    Multi vitamins
    B vitamin complex b1 b2 b3 b6 b12
    Vitamin D - ( if you can you only need 20 minutes in the sun for your RDA although longer is perfectly fine)
    Vitamin C

    Adaptogenic herbs
    Your body will adapt to these supplements so best to cycle. Any which way you prefer for example 3 week on 1 week off.

    Maca root powder or capsules
    Tongkat ali
    Tribulus terrestris
    Horny goat weed ( try and control yourself if you take this)

    other supplements
    These are others and all play important functions in your reboot process and general well-being

    CBD oil or capsules
    Apple cider vinegar (preferably BRAGGS organic)
    Black garlic or normal garlic capsules
    Stem cell sprays ( they work though a bit expensive)
    Turmeric powder or capsules
  2. I definitely need to reincorporate fish oil into my regimen.
  3. FunAtomis

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    Nofap with tribulus and maca? Good luck :)
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    Personal suggestion: Try seaweed oil capsules instead of fish oil. They taste perfectly fine and do not come with all the negative effects of the fish oil (heavy metal, etc.).
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  5. FY_33

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    I remember consuming tribulus to regain back my sexual sense and can only hold it without fapping only 4 days lul
  6. FunAtomis

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    Ad zink and will change into 2 days :)
  7. FY_33

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    How many mg? I usually take it 22,5 mg(becom-zet)

    Tribulus help erection bether tho imo
  8. FunAtomis

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    To be honest, I so broke my self because porn, fap, weed, mixed together that even subscribed pills didn't work in my case in real sex situation. But for sure if you use Tribulus and other supplements, very soon you will notice that sexual tension.
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    Not only is there a question of dosage, but how often are you taking it? Once vs. 2-3 times a day?

    Also different forms do matter. Magnesium malate for the muscular aches for example vs. threonate for the brain.
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    I am still single. If i am dating or married, i can't hold my horniness. So better remain cellibate.
    I plan on take red ginseng tho in the future(many days before wedding day)
  11. FY_33

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    then why are you still watching P tho.
    Tribulus instantly raise sexual desire.
  12. FunAtomis

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    I am trying to go NoFap for some time. Today is my 3 day no MPO. I didn't smoked weed for 2 months +. Let's what will happen.
  13. FY_33

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    I did no P for 7 months straight.
    Get some sweet talking and like when i was still dating with my ex
    My head feels hot, get a boner 5 times a day
    couldnt hold it, finally M to calm my heating head, cumming alot more than i abstain from MO for 2 months
    Try kegel too bro
  14. Thanks I will definitely look into seaweed oil capsules.

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