supplements of minoxidil are healthy? - prevention of hair loss for men

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    I dont have any issues with hair fall right now, but I used to hear that we can postpond natural hair far process to 2-3 decades.

    usually men tends to lose hair at age of 30-45, but we can postpond hair fall for quite some time with help of minoxidil.

    so as a beginner, where should i start, either 5% or 10% minoxidil. which one is effective and has less side effects?

    do you prefer oral or just topical application?
  2. Minoxidil is not a supplement. Fish oil is a supplement, spirulina powder is a supplement, b12 is a supplement. You calling it a supplement is not fair. It's a chemical drug. Dangers of chronic long term use of it is not yet known. Who knows, maybe it's carcinogenic.

    We have had cases in past with other drugs that were thought to be safe and later found out they were not. Most of the chemicals are toxic to the body. If you are losing your hair and that's a risk you think is worth taking then fair enough. But if you are not then there is zero sense in taking this unnatural chemical.
  3. Be careful with that. Once you start it, you cannot stop it or your hair will fall out. Happened to a friend of mine. All bodies are different, but he had a terrible experience with the brand Rogain (I may be spelling that wrong).
    Be sure to do thorough research before using that stuff.

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