Support for "Intermediate Goals" in PMO Tracker?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Yesodi, Oct 11, 2015.

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    • My current long-term goal is to avoid reset for 90 days, and so far I am on day #31.

    • But in addition, I recently formally committed to "Orgasmless October" as a shorter-term goal, and so far I am on day #11.
    Given the above, I was wondering what people think about the suggestion that I made to the developer of the PMO Tracker:

    It would be nice if one could also create counters for "intermediate goals" having associated "custom text."

    For example, I wanted to add -- in addition to my longer range goal of
    "reach <N> days without a reset" (where my <N> is currently 90, and I am currently on day #31, since Sep 10th 2015) -- another, shorter-term, goal such as:

    <11> days without reset as part of <"Orgasmless October">,
    Intermediate GOAL: reach <
    31> days without reset as part of <"Orgasmless October">, between <Oct 1st 2015> and <Nov 1st 2015>.

    1. What do folks think about the general idea?
    2. What might be the most useful and flexible way to structure the "template"?
    Note that for the kind of example that I suggested, it would not really make sense to be able to "reset" the counter for that particular intermediate-goal. I.e., one who ends up resetting has effectively blown his "Orgasmless October."

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