Susannah's Going to Stop Trying to Control Things .....Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Significant Other Journals' started by Susannah, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Wrong? No. Healthy? Also no. It’s not healthy to knowingly waste your hope and energy on a lost cause. It’s not healthy to filter reality to see only what you want to. It’s not healthy to risk your life to try to save someone.

    There is someone worth saving much more than him.
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    So I don't have much time, but I'm calling BS on this whole line of argument. Not really interested in a debate on Susannah's journal, but I think she deserves another perspective.
    (1) It is the height of ignorance to blame the victims for the abuse they suffer (ie If women weren't so ..., or would only.... THEN they wouldn't be in the position where....") BS!! Why is not the reverse question ever asked: "Why are men always victimizing?! They are NOT outearning. They are NOT better team players. They are NOT bigger picture thinkers. They are NOT less emotional. Exactly how is marginalization, subjugation, terrorism and abuse the fault of victims???. Who in their right mind reasons: "The cause of your marginalization is you. You allowed me to do it, so it's YOUR fault"?
    (2) I feel the same weight of hopelessness at times, but women (and gays, and blacks, and religious minorities) HAVE organized and sought change collectively. The fact that it takes CENTURIES to make even an INCH of progress is a reflection of the MEN in power who refuse to give it up, fighting tooth and nail to maintain their hegemony over others. It is NOT a reflection of the victim's "inability to properly resist." That is delusion.
    (3) Any living organism whose primary objective is to DOMINATE and take over as it's modus operandi, is nothing to imitate, laud, or hold up. That is simply called Cancer.
    (4) I also call BS on the whole meritocracy crap (ie "this group is more successful than the other because they are better at this thing"). Hogwash. Historically, people in power have always exploited others to maintain and grow that power, and solidify a hierarchical tyranny. I do not see talent and character in this thirst for power; it is less than human; INhuman. It is unenlightened, and a regression in moral development. It is an outdated, ill-fitting, and unnecessary remnant of our earliest stages of evolution. It's carnal, survivalist, tribal, cruel and COMPLETELY lacking in "big picture thinking." Completely unsustainable... the exact opposite of big-picture.
    (5) People in positions of power tend never to see their own privilege (I am speaking even of myself, here). They convince themselves that there is some innate, unique, God-given natural talent or ability that has allowed them to be in the position they are in. Privilege & delusion: like the very nose on their face that everyone can see, except them. It goes before them wherever they step foot; enters every room ahead of them. Ever present, but always below their line of sight.
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    That was a fascinating emotional outburst that changes absolutely nothing.
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    It might be worth pointing out that there seems to be some assumptions that may be contributing to this discord. Susannah seems to believe one thing about RUNDMC that may lead to trust:
    Trynagetbetter seems to believe differently about RUNDMC and that may be leading to distrust:
    I originally read RUNDMC's post that Susannah had shared and thought RUNDMC was a man just bitterly belittling women. I was flabbergasted Susannah was taking it seriously. Then later when I saw that Susannah said RUNDMC was a woman, I had to re-evaluate. It didn't change much about what I thought of what RUNDMC had written, but it changed what I thought of Susannah's reaction to it. I assumed Susannah had found a female ally that she related to and that it was none of my business to argue it. Two women talking about how women act and why is not an area I interject with an opinion.

    I have no idea what to make of any of this, just pointing out the discrepancy. Not sure anything changes in the argument though.
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    Me, neither. Something doesn't smell right, though.

    Hope you're doing okay, @Susannah!
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    Ah! RUNDMC is a woman?! Then I'm definitely off base. That would definitely explain why I reacted to what I thought was a man telling an SO about herself. And once again, another lesson for Tryna about over-reacting. While I disagree with the premise about women, I absolutely understand the need for women to discuss openly and frankly among themselves what they think they they need to work on. Completely different dynamic there. So thanks @Strength And Light for clarifying, and sorry @RUNDMC for the misunderstanding.
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    I have no idea really. Just pointing out that at the very least Susannah thinks so.
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    I hope all is well in your life now @Susannah
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