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  1. Hello Tech,

    What are the upgrade features/benefits for premium account users? Or where can I find this information
  2. Mr. McMarty

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  3. Thanks I viewed this previously, as far as I can see it doesn't describe the benefits Id going premium. I had the feeling one gets exactly the same but is also a benefactor. Which is good thing of it self.
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  4. Alexander

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    Basically nothing. It's just to support the site.
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  5. Ahah I thought so but was just making sure. Thanks
  6. Awedouble

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    At one point there was a chat room feature though right?
  7. Tiger uppercut!

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    My Journal
    There still is.
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  8. Awedouble

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    Ok so there we go, a little incentive for upgraded memberships.
  9. Alexander

    Alexander Website Admin
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    Meh, it isn't that active. Upgrading is mostly just to support the site (at this time). And we appreciate it given that it loses money :)
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  10. Awedouble

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    Of course we can't control how many people subscribe, but I'd point out that it's a safe place for AP groups to meet given the focus of the site. Even if people do it for one month for a 30 day challenge..

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