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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by SpiritAgainstFlesh, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. As an attempt to transfer my energy from PMO elsewhere, I am shifting focus to competitive swimming; this means I am attending more practices and doubling my participation in swim meets.

    There is just one problem...

    Swimming practice and meets means prolonged interaction with provocatively dressed girls. I try to only talk and look at other guys but this is largely unsuccessful thus far. I am incredibly close to a relapse and I am in desperate need of help...
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    I can understand your 'problem'. Actually its not really a problem. It can be a great opportunity. How it can help me is to practice seeing women and girls in a different way. Ofcourse easier said than done. But as your name implies, try your best to see them as spiritual individuals. Instead of flesh objects to lust for. And ofcourse you're not suppose to be fighting against anything. remember 'what you resist, persists' it will chase you all over the place. So better to balance the body and spirit to a more healthy state. Take a alot of deep breaths. Repeat a mantra to your self when going from the dressing room to the swimming pool. And state your intentions. Maybe like: Im here for my personal development and have respect for other human beings (male or female) who are also here. Maybe for now its best to look at women and girls just from the neck up. Its a trick Ive used. Make a commitment (if only for the period during swimming) to focus primarily on your self and should you encounter others look at them from the neck up and treat them as spiritual beings with a body.

    Hope this helps...and good luck.
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  3. Thank you for your advice! I agree with you that I must progress towards seeing people (especially women) as individuals, not arousing objects. I suppose this problem will fade as PMO dissappear from my life. As of now, every time I lust in my heart, I do a short little prayer. This seems to be working as my bodily desires have reached an all-time low.
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    I totally agree with your advice! this was an encouragement for me also because Im having issues with my lustful eyes too.. We should really step up and commit to change ourselves.
    @SpiritAgainstFlesh with God's grace you can do it bro! I can do it too, Let's keep on depending on Him for strength. All the best in your reboot!
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  5. @Jeremy_Jr. Yes we MUST keep praying to God to stop committing adultery in our hearts. May God assist your reboot!
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