Symptoms of withdrawal/flatline?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by 2080Future, Feb 15, 2022.

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    For the past three days, I have felt like shit. I feel out of energy, I find it impossible to concentrate, I have a weird feeling in my chest that I can't cure, lost appetite, sadness, and I can't get this girl out of my mind no matter how hard I try. The last time I felt like this was around summer when I got a 20ish day streak (My longest ever) and I met a girl that I feel I had a connection with. I thought I was in love so I think I am also now, but it doesn't make sense because the girl from the past three days is an actress from a movie so how can you be in love with someone you've never even met, and that you will likely never meet?
    I think all of this (lack of energy, lost appetite, chest pain...) is a sign of withdrawal, an engineering of my subconscious to make me fall into despair and relapse. Well you know what? FUCK YOU. I'm not falling for that.
    Has anybody felt like this during their reboot? How do you control your withdrawal symptoms without relapsing?
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    You can see I'm just having a slip up by ejaculating when workout. But, it won't stop me to help you!

    First, stop trying to taking out girls. You must finish your other trouble first! (I know it's hard. I just let go my year long crush today but that cure my depression!)

    Chest pain is symptom of urges (It happened to me as well). Simply ignore your urges and it will go together with your urges.

    Here's what you can do in order to avoid relapse:
    - Cold shower (Proven method to reduce your urges. Ask anybody out there if you don't believe it)
    - Make yourself busy (Boredom = 80% relapse)
    - Don't be too hard on yourself

    Feel free to ask me more, hope this help!
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    Thanks for your reply. Ignoring the urges is hard when the chest pain affects my quality of life so bad, but fighting back is the only choice. I will keep going until I defeat this monstrous addiction.
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    Classic withdrawal symptoms. Your mind finds a reason for you to masturbate when that's the only thing you shouldn't do.

    During the reboot you might even think that only the way for you to ever feel happy ever again is to watch porn and wank.

    I would try to find a way to remind myself that it's all going to pass. Every urge will pass. The more you let them, the more you gain confidence knowing that every bad sensation or feeling will pass, just like before.

    But that's not the key, not in my opinion. no sir. Urges will come again, and sometimes you live your day minute by minute trying to stay away from your favorite porn site. So don't just wait for them to pass, don't wait for the happy days. Change your attitude towards the cravings. Go sit under a cold shower and smile at the lack of energy or the sadness. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms will come back many times if you stay on this path. So why make an enemy out of them?
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    I control my relapses by not breaking my streak and resting

    If you're out and working too hard you could feel more chest pain its best to rest until you reach higher streaks

    I had severe symptoms during Day 0-40
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