Tabulation of Stages in reboot (90 days challenge)

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    Has someone tabulated the stages that someone goes through in those 90 days. Like for eg. 5 stages of grief. Similarly are there stages to reboot?
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    Good question. I'd say it all depends on how addicted were you in the first place. It will be A very different experience between someone who has been exposed to long years or decades to daily binge PMO and someone who's done it a few days a week and just for a few years. I was in the first group (25y of daily binge MO and 17y of binge PMO addiction) so I can describe only what I went through during my reboots in hardmode.

    0-14 days: All is well. Cravings are strong but no physical symptoms yet
    14-40 days: Shit hits the fan. Insomnia, flu like physical symptoms, chronic headaches, depression, anxiety, even panic attacks are possible.
    40-90 days: Flatline (libido goes down the drain).
    Headaches lessen.
    Flu like symptoms mostly go away, but you still experience joints pain.
    Insomnia gets a bit better but is still hard to get good night sleep.
    You experience wild mood swings (one week you're borderline euphoric, thinking of conquering the world, the next you don't want to get out of bed).
    What follows is chronic fatigue and brain-fog.
    90-150 days: Feelings of guilt and shame over your past (in)actions kick in and suppressed underlying issues start to resurface. This is a very dangerous period. If PMO was your way of self-medicating preexisting depression/anxiety, you're in for a major depression/anxiety episode.
    Acute withdrawal symptoms (headaches, joints pain, mood swings, insomnia,...) fade away or lessen.
    Libido slowly returns but it's on and off thing
    150-210 days: Chronic fatigue gets better, brain-fog lifts up.
    You finally lose cravings to MB and interest to view P even on days when you feel like shit.
    Underlying issues have kicked in with full force by now. Now is the last chance to learn coping mechanisms to address these issues properly or emotional pain will become to great to handle and you'll relapse.
    Lots of life evaluation and self-questioning going on in this period.
    You might enter in a state called anhedonia (nothing interest and gives you joy anymore).
    210-... : You continue to identify and address root causes of your addiction and keep developing healthy anti-stress coping mechanisms and adopt new lifestyle changes.
    Anhedonia, depression and anxiety (PAWS) might still persist, but you've developed high level of self-discipline and iron out good habits by now, so you execute them automatically regardless of
    emotional state you're in and that keeps you progressing further.
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    Acutely Explained. Thanks! I hope everybody reads this and be ready for what's coming in advance. I'm just in starting phase and already flatlining.
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    Thats quite scary.
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    I also think that it will be different for the younger kids who have basically grown up with high speed internet. Although the older guys have had the addiction longer, when they started it was just magazines. Their brains didn’t “ grow” with high speed porn.
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    Hay que soportarlo y creo que si la mente está enfocada en otras cosas es más fácil que no se enfrasque en los otros síntomas
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    thankyou for taking the time to post this. This was very helpful
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