Take blood tests if you can't feel the superpowers! 557+ days no P (blood results included)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by mgz069, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. mgz069

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    Hey y'all,

    Ive been on NoFap since 10th Feb 2018. First 100 days monk mode, first 200+ days no PMO, then no P since then.

    While I do feel some changes in my life, i've been feeling like im driving on a empty tank lately.
    Poor sleep quality, fatigue during day, zoning out, dragged myself to the gym, muscle tense, bad mood on average etc.

    At some points I thought that NoFap could not be working. Then again so many guys have succeeded and have turned their lives around.

    Anyway, my doctor attributed most of my symptoms to anxiety (which is true at a reasonable point) but he ordered a few blood tests.

    Guess what??

    They turned out to be out of balance! No wonder why I cant feel all the benefits.
    The first number is my results and the 2nd is the reference values.

    these i took them on my own a few months ago:
    • testosterone 273ng/dL 270-1070
    • free T 15.2pg/mL 13-41

    these where ordered by my doctor a few days ago:
    • HDL cholesterol - 36mg/dL 45-65+
    • triglycerides 191 mg/dL <150
    • Iron 43 mg/dL 60-150
    • Ferritin 12.9ng/dL 10-450
    • Vitamin D 21ng/dL 30-100
    The rest of the blood tests (which were a lot!!) came out normal.

    By any means, do not take my case as a reference.
    But for your own sake, please take a full blood tests before making any conclusions.
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  2. Arms.R.heavy

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    Was it nutrition that caused this? What did the doctor say?
  3. DerSchütze

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    Test levels vary from day to day and are effected by a lot of things, including sleep, diet, stress, and a bunch of other stuff.
  4. HegHeu

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    I have low hdl, low serum iron and low low vitamin D. I have low ldl too and triglycerides was high but came back fine after some time. I have anxiety too I guess. It's been 3 years and I have no improvement I had some good streak of 60 days 2 time and 45 days 1 time and changed diet and did some exercise but nothing changed much same low cholesterol lower than needed. Low serum iron and low vitamin D I know I should supplement but then I think sunshine will be better option but then I always excuse me to not go when sun is out. Low iron I had to stop working out as working out is a lot exhausting. Rbcs count is more much than needed. What changes have u made dude? My testosterone last time was at 208 and my age is just 20 I know something is messed up.
  5. mgz069

    mgz069 Fapstronaut

    the doctor ordered vit d and iron.
    other than that, it narrows down to stress/anxiety and proper diet!
    on my own i take fish oil which is a common supplement for people who work out and is supposed to lower triglycerides.
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  6. Your testosterone is way to low so i understand that you feel like crap.

    Testosterone is made from cholesterol so eat a lot of
    red meat
    Full fat butter (organic)

    also take zinc and vitamin d

    ditch your cellphone or at least put it on airplane mode when you carry it in your pocket.

    ditch all the care products you are using for skin and hair, your skin is no diffrent than your tongue so if you dont want it on your tongue, dont put it on your skin either

    alo sleep is important + 8 hours and keep stress as low as possible and weight train 3times a week all out
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  7. WestCoast

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    I'm 31....last year my testosterone was checked and I had the following stats:

    474 ng/dl

    Free Testosterone %
    2% Adult Males: 1.5-3.2%

    Free Teostosterone pg/ml

    If I recall the doctor discussing, she said it's normal for the range, but I think my levels were that of an older man. I ALSO had a HUGE vitamin D deficiency (4 ng/dl)

    Since then I take vitamin D 5000 mg every morning, 1000mg included with centrum multivitamin and I'm going to go through with getting Zinc as well.

    I try to eat 4 eggs with breakfast and eat mostly chicken or red meat with dinner and/or lunch.

    Inconsistent with the gym, though.
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  8. mgz069

    mgz069 Fapstronaut

    I only use a shampoo, soap and hairspray.
    I dont think that the impact is so dramatic.

    I strongly believe that stress/anxiety throws your hormones etc. out of balance!

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