Taking steps to remain clean.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by spin89, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Usually I will eat junk food, smoke and drink - all the things I believe add up to FAP.
    Steps I can take: - intermittent fasting, prayer, supplements i.e ginseng, Holy Basil, WALKING, music?, better eating rather than binge eating, reaching out, writing, YouTube videos (record my own).

    I'm on day four now and feel okay. If I get a good deal of work done then I will continue to feel this way. When I approach late evening I should consider piling on the green tea.
    Helps me sleep.
    Hate the fact I really do feel it after isolated masturbation, pains me to face the world but I know now I am in my mode again, the way it should be. Sort of reminds you of why childhood was so great. Downside of being an adult (adulterated), 18+, no more rose tinted glasses.

    Trust one day I'll get a companion... Said the most STUPID thing to a girl once who I rather liked (I only see women as sex objects); in hindsight it was the most foolish and thoughtless thing I ever said - though I did not know back then I had a dwarfing addiction called PMO.

    Trust you to turn the day around, all the best

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    You can do this. I'm starting today.

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