Taking yourself too seriously?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Hitto, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Hitto

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    Has anyone had the problem of taking yourself to seriously or when interacting with a woman and she is joking around with you and you can't tell and you take her seriously and people in general ? If so any advice or tips and I'm going on 6 month streak of no pmo or M
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  2. DeProfundis

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    I try not to take myself too seriously sometimes. Just relax and be yourself.
  3. Yeah I take myself and other people way too seriously sometimes and I miss when others are joking around with me. It's a part of my social anxiety and awkwardness I guess.
  4. Mavricko

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    Try not to worry about what others think. Try to have a mindset of nothing can or will embarrass you anyway. Then you have nothing to lose
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  5. Hitto

    Hitto Fapstronaut

    Haha that's a real good way to think of it thanks lol
  6. Sometimes things are serious but most of the time when we think it's serious, it's not.
  7. I often experience the opposite. I have a dry sense of humor and tend to be sarcastic a lot. I get the WTF look a lot.
  8. noonoon

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    Yes! This was a major problem of mine. The best way to combat this is to learn to laugh at yourself. It's an incredibly useful skill that makes all life more enjoyable. People will like you more and you'll like yourself more.
    EDIT: how to learn to laugh at yourself? First step -- make fun of yourself. If someone is making fun of you, chime in and make fun of yourself with them. This works awesome. It makes you look like you don't give a shit, it makes people laugh, and it it's just really, really fun. Example: somebody says, "dude, you look like shit". You can a/ be offended, or b/ reply "you should have seen me yesterday. This is me looking good". With "a" you're butt-hurt and with "b" you've made a friend.
  9. meatsandwich

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    Don't really care about it and love will come if you really feel in love and another person admits and you feel it's right.
    Then go for it and do your best to develop your relationship, develop it and be yourself always and don't hide things and be honest. As the person who will really want to be with you will accept you the way you are and you will be much happier that way!
  10. Hitto

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    Lol thanks for the feedback I'm learning to expand my mental energy to something positive and I'm gonna try to approach women with my humor because when I'm around my friends and people I'm comfortable with I'm considered a funny guy
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  11. SupBruh

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    Not after you've drank. You'll see me downing bottles before I've had the chance to approach anyone, can't let them see me sober nomsayin

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