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  1. I think lots of technical guys and girls :) here.
    So let's talk about... electronics, developing, what kind of projects can you show here....

    Let's go :)
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  2. To continue the conversation with @tweeby:

    I've developed projects with lots of LEDS that need to be activated separately, and yes, then I definitely need multiplexing.

    Like this one:

    And btw the reindeer doesn't need a microcontroller.
    It's just some leds serial, and some strings parallel, one power supply and voila.
    Just steady shining :)
  3. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Nice my try with LCD and the Arduino LCD Library.


    My second test was to try out an LDR circuit. As the light gets darker it should turn on the LED.

    The circuit is very simple, just wire a LDR and a resistor like a potential divider. The bigger value of your resistor will affect the output you read. The Anologue0 pin goes inbetween the junction of the LDR and Resistor and connects to A0 on the arduino board.

    The code was roughly... Let me see if I can dig out an old photo

    int sensePin =0;
    int ledPin = 13;
    void setup()
      analogReference(DEFAULT); //NOT N
    void loop()
      int val =analogRead(sensePin);
     val = constrain(val, 240,80);
     int ledLevel = map(val, 240,80,220,0);
      if ( val < 130)
       digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
  4. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    My God you must have a lot of patience to solder that motherfucker LOL
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  5. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    @Roady what do you mean by "strings parallel?" I'm intrigued, I've always been multiplexing my LEDs when I'm using any more greater than 5. I admit I might be doing it wrong.
  6. That was just a 216 LEDS :D

    This one was tougher, especially the drilling of the 900 holes :D
    After the board was finished (with no single bad hole drilled) the hardware was quiet simple,
    but the software took me 1600 lines or something :)
    SDC10429.JPG SDC10433.JPG SDC10447.JPG
    cluster 1866612.png
  7. Do you have an application for it for real use?
  8. This is the principle:
  9. tweeby

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    Wowzer I must admit driving LEDs ain't that complex compared to some of the other stuff I'm doing, but that's seriously impressive.
  10. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Ah yes, that's what I assumed you meant so did you have to solder 1600 resistors as well!
  11. No absolutely not.
    Now we are messing up some projects.
    You can use this principle when you don't need any multiplexing.
    So to steer the LEDs in the reindeer, I used this.
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  12. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    OK thanks for the clarification, I'm somewhat new to electronics. What shift register did you use to multiplex?
  13. tweeby

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    @Roady have you ever controlled any other these devices via a webserver connected to your router and powered by a web interface on your phone, that's pretty cool.
  14. Never mind buddy. I like to talk about this stuff.
    And share some projects. I like yours as well, so if you have more...

    Shiftregister is 74HC595
  15. tweeby

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    Not really, it's like I get all these things, like I gots myself a gyroscope and was planning to make my own segway, and then I got a GPS and proved to myself I could get it to work, but never actually made anything practical with it.

    One day I guess.
  16. That would be a next step indeed.
    But never had an good idea to spend the time + money on.
  17. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Well I do web programming as well, so naturally the embedded web services was a must.

    It's real cool when you connect it to your garage door, and do port forwarding on the router so you can close your garage from the inside of your work office!
  18. Yes but I think you must learn something from your dog, nothing wrong with some exercizing :D
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    My dog isn't exercising he's salsa'ing haha!
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  20. It's actually a very irritating signature haha
    See it everywhere now :(

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