Talking to strangers?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by BigSweatySchilling, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. BigSweatySchilling

    BigSweatySchilling Fapstronaut

    I had a thought, I'm quite the loner, and I need friends, real friends, and this is somewhat a desperation move and an attempt to have good fun, hopefully not getting shot or anything, talking to random strangers, and trying to make conversation, what do you guys think?
  2. Pmoblem

    Pmoblem Fapstronaut

    Well if you're up for it and feel like doing it why not :p? But I myself would rather go to an activity or something you like and meet people there, as you probably already have something in common / to talk about :p
  3. Namekian23

    Namekian23 Fapstronaut

    The moment you said strangers, I knew something was wrong. You need to find a group of people where you have something in common with. Hopefully it's not a gang. Someplace that's safe and comfortable. It needs to be something familiar to you so you can start off on the right pathway. You wouldn't walk into a bar and talk to random people would you? How awkward is that unless you're that type of person who likes to drink often. Do you go to church or school? Join a club, volunteer in the place where you worship, and meet new people that way. If they aren't your friends they can lead you to your potential friends. Talking to strangers is okay maybe to spark a conversation. But it also depends on who you're talk talking to, you could be talking to a freaking murderer man! Start with the the basics dude and go from there. I don't think you're that desperate to go that far, especially engaging with people you don't even know. Sorry to be harsh on you bro, but you're better than that.
  4. BigSweatySchilling

    BigSweatySchilling Fapstronaut

    Not going to school, right now I'm just working about 40 hours a week, I have one or two friends, but I know that they won't be around forever, so somehow I gotta figure out something to that I don't end up being a hermit.
  5. jatar

    jatar Fapstronaut

    I agree with Pmoblem and Namekian23. Talking to strangers on the street might not be the best way to meet new people and make friends. People are just not used to such interactions and will probably regard you with suspicion. Even if you manage to strike up a comfortable conversations, I can't really see how that could go beyond just a friendly chat and transform into a friendship.

    Instead, join a group of people with similar interests and try to make friends here. It will be much easier and more natural. You can join a hobby group (paintball, ASG, any team sport or in fact any sport, tabletop wargaming come to my mind), a community improvement group, association etc. People seem to group around every activity known to humanity, so with some work you should be able to find a group that suits your interests, and one with which you will have something in common.
  6. Razielcreed

    Razielcreed Fapstronaut

    don't think of it as "talking to strangers" it sounds more scary like that
    Fun/joke is the best way to connect with each others , a genuine laugh Comes from the bottom of the soul , a laugh is Unexplainable experience that come from thr bottom of the Human soul you can't control it
    think of it as you having a conversation with another human being
    of course there are some evil people but if your about to approach rationalize everyone is as nice and friendly as you, and they will be you wanted to , the world is whatever you want it to be it's just in your head mate :D.
  7. Immanuel

    Immanuel Guest

    Like the other guys said, I would find some sort of group to join. I go to church and have found most of my friends through that. Aside from find friends, church is great (but that's off topic).

    What I will say about "talking to strangers" is that I do it quite regularly. People may be more open to it down here in New Zealand, but I find that people love it and I really seems to brighten their day. If someone looks like they might stab me or really doesn't want to talk, I stare clear. A good place to start is talking to old people, then the next easiest (I find) are people that are a similar age to you. It doesn't have to be a full on convo. Initially, try just smiling and saying "Hi" to someone at the bus stop or something.

    In summary...
    - Some kind of group might be the best place to find good, long term friends
    - Try talking to a stranger - Firstly, if it goes well, you will feel great. Secondly, it should help you to grow in confidence. Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, the 'stranger' may be feeling like a loner and your interaction with them could mean more than you know.
  8. kanha

    kanha Fapstronaut

    Hey BigSweatySchilling,
    I have been facing a similar problem lately as I moved to a new place(work related stuff). If you have one around you, try to get membership of some club and participate in events. You can even start running around a park/playing with random guys and then try to know them and build up from there. Or may join some hobby classes like singing/swimming etc . Just a few suggestions... Good luck!
  9. KrmGrn

    KrmGrn Fapstronaut

    Yeah, find a group you have something in common with, a common interest, hobby, sport, or something. If you don't have any hobbies or interests right now, then just take a class in something you've never done before. I had almost no friends until I started taking improv and acting classes. I was very shy and a loner and never thought I would do acting and improv, but I found I really enjoyed it and I made a ton of friends in the process. It's also where I've met the majority of the girlfriends I've had in my life.

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