Talking to this one girl (that’s soon to be girlfriend) has been motivating me to reboot

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by justin2000, Aug 13, 2020.

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    I only been talking to her for a while since we met on Snap (and on Facetime, too) and we been talking to each other about our secrets, some things we have in common, our goals like how many kids would we have, what would our dream home be, even talked about us being future social media influencers, lol.

    I’m only five days into my recent streak and I think this is helping my motivation to stop PMO’ing, only for her until she’s ready to date again because she got out of a recent relationship and we decided to take things slow, and last night, she said she needed a couple of months when I asked her when we can hang out and I agreed with her decision, then it came to me; “What if this time is needed for me to help my brain recover from only 10+ years of porn and masturbation at the age of 10 and this time is for her to recover from her heartbreak until we start officially dating?” So I’m thinking the time we got, I got to make sure I don’t fuck up or I will be so embarrassed.
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    i think nofap is crucial for finding love at a young age. when you get older people tend to already have dated a bunch and that bond isn't as strong. just keep with the nofap you will do things you never thought possible.
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    Huge mistake! too much talking over internet and zero in person. This is how friendship works. If you want something more with her you need to stop this and start dating her.
    This is great! but..
    Never do thing for other person. Tomorrow she could be mad about you and don't want to talk you again, and now your reason to quit is gone so you go back to fap.. be really careful about your reasons to quit and what gives you strength to keep going.
    I'm sory to tell you, but this probably is just an excuse she is telling you to don't date you without hurting you but keeping you on the hoop for a couple of month as her friend.
    Nop! she decided to put you in friendzone, you wanted to date her right away, but she convinced you to wait her.
    yes, definitively in friendzone!! never agree to be friends with a girl. you want to date her, you settle for less than what you wanted. you are been the typically nice guy, you change your mind to accommodate hers.
    You really think you have a chance.. but you just accepted been in friendzone. I can assure you that you are going to find out that in a couple of weeks she is dating another guy and not you. You are going to be still in friendzone and everytime you ask her out she is going to tell you she is not ready yet but she is glad she have you as a good friend.
    You already did and you don't even know it!

    Advice: don't contact her again. next time she contact you, tell her that you make up your mind and that you are ready to date and are looking for a girl that is ready to do it too. if she is not ready yet, then that she can contact you when she is. That you want more than friendship with her (go out have fun an see where it goes) and been just her friend is no more and option for you. Stand up for what you want and she is going to respect you a little more and maybe consider starting dating with you eventually.
    But if you keep been her friend you are not going to date her at all.
    In the meantime, date other woman! A man that is a catch never wait for a woman, if a girls is not ready to date he procceds to the date another one. Never wait for a girl, never... they can contact you in the future if they are willing to date you.

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