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    Yes so man I just know I am a bit introverted guy and been finding pick up lines to use to meet with women. I been on a dating app so much and it doesn't work that good. Meet me is the app. Just alot of wasting my time. I want to go out and talk to woman and be able to guarantee that in a week I will have one. Not saying I'm trying to rush it but just to be more confident and be able to break the ice and get her number and see whatever happens. I'm on day 28 And I know if I was on porn I would be staying in my house PMO and not going out to meet any ladies. Now that I've been off I guess I'm looking to getting out and making something happen. How do you talk to women when you are out and looking? How did you meet your girlfriend, ex, or wife? Just like to hear and learn thankyou.
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    There is no such thing as a pickup line's. Bassicly if you are using a sentence to get a woman attention you are making her way to important at the beginning why should you? She hasn't proven herself to you. Woman can sence when you thinx its verry important that you get a result out of the conversation(you are becoming needy, insecure)

    how to be succesfull at "picking up woman". Make them less important by realising there are enough woman and like the saying goes "there's someone out there for everyone." I would say there are many persons who are out there for everyone. If you believe that you are worthy of getting woman and know even if you get rejected you will find a girl because you have hope something will hapen in you. You become less nervous to talk to them.

    Its actually not important what you say to a woman the first time : its important how you react to her answer when you open her. charisma is all about how you react to positive, negative comments

    if a girl says sorry i don't have time when you talk to her. You can say yeah i understant its annoying when people start talking to you when you are bussy but i wanted to really ask you something and she says yeah what? And then you can say i wanted to ask you out. (this is when she acts negative)

    when you say hey, and she acts really friendly and even smiles and suddenly you become verry happy and exited she knows you wanted a reaction.

    Please remind one thing of my post
    : its not important what you say to her at the beginning but how you react to her response at you're opening that is how she will know if you have charisma or not.

    Watch my previous post about this topic:
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    Thank you. I really need to step up my game. I today just feel so introverted and with my job I don't talk to alot of people. I want to get out there. I do think pick up lines do work however. Because they can make a woman laugh and break the ice. They are funny. Has anyone used pick up lines and how did it go? Anyone else have any advice? Like me go to Wal-Mart and just saying "hi" or something. I just don't see alot of woman really giving me the signals and I'm not a bad looking guy.
  4. Now thats some real talk! Well done!
  5. I think the main thing is to not be too tense or nervous women can sense that sort of thing. She is just a person like you, so talk to her like one. And yes, humor is a big plus, it makes everything go a lot smoother, women like a guy with wit. Sometimes a cheesy pick up line can break the ice, its not usually my go to method lol, but it can work. Basically, just introduce yourself and start talking, get to know her, feel it out and see where it leads. Don't over do it.
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    Please forget pickup lines, game and everything like that. There is no special "how to talk to women" thing. There's just talking to women, inviting them to meet you to do a particular thing somewhere a few days later, and then communicating with them soon afterwards to plan the meeting ("a date"). That's all you need to know.

    Also, forget giving yourself deadlines or targets. Life isn't like that. Just talk to more women, whether you fancy them or not. Then you'll get better at asking out those who you do fancy.
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    Thx for input everybody. I appreciate the feedback because it does help me.
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    Just be yourself. Don't worry about it, just enjoy your time, be confident, don't be afraid of communication, maybe make some jokes (good ones though)...

    How I met my girlfriend? Well, we went on a trip with my friend to a foreign country. We met there 2 girls and they were about the same age as we were. My friend wasn't very talkative at the beginning (he's a rather introverted type of a person), so I started the conversation and then we spent our whole trip with those 2 girls. And with one of the girls, I fell in love. So that's how I met my girlfriend.
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