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  1. I have been trying for a week (since I joined) to download or view online the Getting Started Guide. Each time, I get error messages. I have attempted to report this only to find no way to do so. And while doing this, I have found several broken links, frustrating me further. Is anyone available to maintain this site and make sure it is working? If so, how do I report a problem?
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  2. Doyou get errors on mobile, pc or both?
  3. Unfortunately, not really. :(
  4. Hello, thus is our home so we need to do house keeping together :)

    Could you please give screenshot of error message?

    It would be helpfull if you can post your browser type and os of your computer.

    Looking forward :)
  5. Forgot to mention that I'm using Chrome.
  6. armor

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    I am seeing very similar stuff. I am using Chrome on PC and Samsung Internet on my cell phone.

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