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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by elricthane, Sep 11, 2018.

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    This year, around May, I've installed K9 and other shitty mobile apps that I've thought it would hold this huge nudity bar. The problem with K9 is that you can easily close it through Task Manager, and these apps -- just uninstall. Boom, right back to porn.

    So, I want to seek ways to make it impossible for me to observe pornography. I have read in some places around here that there are people who have taken their own doors to end their own privacy.

    Is there any way I can call any programmer or network expert to make my computer and cell phone inaccessible to explicit content? My supervisor gave me a notebook last year. At work, I had no way of accessing it.

    Has any of you guys tried something like that?
  2. There's always a way. Only thing that can stop yourself is yourself honestly.

    You could try opendns but like I said, there's always a way.
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  3. Just make firm decision tht now u would never watch porn again.Thts all...

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