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  1. Beginning in the 1970s, Ted Bundy was one of America's most brutal serial killers and rapists. He admitted to 30 homicides between 1974 and 1978. The actual count is unknown and may be much higher.

    Bundy's crimes covered seven states. All of his victims were young women. He escaped from jail twice before finally being put to death in a Florida prison electric chair on January 24, 1989. He was 42 years old.

    Pornography Was A Factor

    "Like most other kinds of addiction," he said, "I would keep looking for more potent, more explicit, more graphic kinds of material. Like an addiction, you keep craving something which is harder, harder, something which gives you a greater sense of excitement. Until you reach the point that pornography only goes so far…"

    Bundy added, "I've lived in prison a long time now. I've met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me. And without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography. Without question, without exception, deeply influenced and consumed by addiction to pornography."

    Bundy was well-known for giving conflicting information and often changed his facts about the same story several times. So it cannot be known for sure to what extent pornography impacted his life. But it certainly impacted other lives – those of his victims and their families.

    Today, there is even more evidence of a correlation between pornography and more severe sexual crimes.

    Studies support that porn does play a major role in sex crimes.

    • A Michigan State Police report showed that in 41 percent of sexual assault cases, porn was viewed just prior to or during the crime.
    • A University of New Hampshire study showed that the highest rape rates are in states that have high sales of porn magazines.
    • Research found that adult porn was connected with each of 1,400 sexual abuse cases in Lousiville, Kentucky. The majority of them were also connected with child porn.
    • Other studies found that heavy use of the type of porn sold at adult bookstores matched an increased willingness to commit rape or other forced sexual acts.
    The FBI said porn is found at 80 percent of the scenes of violent sex crimes, or in the homes of the offender. Police officers say that porn use is one of the most common profile traits of serial murderers and rapists
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    Didnt read the entire thing but thats another BS media tells. P addicts are/will become weak. addicts dont have guts to do such things
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  3. they have the guts to do this . do your research properly , porn makes the mind do horrifying things when a person loses all the interest in every single category of porn. it makes the mind believe it will be much more fun in relieving your sexual energy and fetishes on a real women . this is escalation dude. :(
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    here you go, from the man himself
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    this is very relatable,it starts to degrade ur morales, the fetishes the thought processes and the action taking potential,the impulsive decision making,the constant seek out of pleasure at the cost of others.the corruption of one's own character.
    I have been there,i have done things i probably would never have thought i would do in my life all coz of this very evil thing. i don't like things about me,i do loathe myself coz of some reasons,i would like to say that though no to that extent and obviously not to that level of insanity,but i have done something similar.
    in order to get my so called porn high(this is from the time i had stopped watching porn and was trying to cut off,without proper plans not even exercise.)i had started using PSUBS such as dating sites and those too were the raunchy ones on which u can message any person directly without even sending a friend request or getting the friend request accepted.
    i would like to confess that I HAD STARTED BEING VULGAR AND INHUMAN TOWARDS A LOT OF WOMEN ON THE APP JUST TO SATISFY MY URGE TO MASTRUBATE. I as a person am a feminist at heart and i believe in gender equality and equivocation.
    but this incident put me into shock,something that seems like a big scar on my heart,i had put down my life's morale for things like these things like instant gratification from sex chats and nude exchanges.
    so much so i had stopped bothering about age,i had started viewing women as OBJECTS literally,it hurts everyday to think that all of this was caused just coz i had started EXPLORING PORN TO CURE MY UGLY BREAKUP.Nothing gets cured,the fact lies that we need to accept and move on from things we can't change and can't control.the first thing I had started when i became aware of my porn addiction was NOFAP, unaware of the fact that it makes u horny as fuck,and that needs to be understood,an outlet, a healthy one needs to be created so as to divert the sexual energy i did so recently,have started going out on jogs everyday increasing my stamina and energy.Had i not started nofap, i could have been the next TED BUNDY.
    yes u read it right
    ,i confess to being mean rude and practically molesting women online for no goddamn reason other than porn cravings,what i had started thinking was
    and by real i don't mean sex and horny talk,by that i mean someone i can talk to, be close to be cared for open up to and be comfortable around,unfortunately, the conditioning of my brain was through porn and when that happens a person involuntarily looks for bodily things and stuff (gone through that).
    this is one dark side of porn industry,it literally promotes rape and torture.even trafficking.been i finally found spiritualism and started cleansing my brain of unwanted shit,i am just 19 and already done so much shit and i am in a way great full that i did,at least i got to know the harms,the side effects the dark side of porn.i wish i could go back to those women and apologize,one of them did forgive me,but it obviously can't undo the hurt that i gave her.
    a month ago i had decided to go on the path of celibacy,altogether giving up sex and anything related to it,rather,i plan to cultivate this energy and make something productive out of it,that seems to be the only way to me in order to free myself of the sins that i have committed, i'm not a very religious man,a hindu, i do believe in god but not to a very great extent,ik that i would be punished for the things i have done and i as a person am ready to face them,call it karma or religion or whatever.
    the takeaway is that porn ruins people,relationships,happiness and what not.
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    I definitely agree internet porn is terrible and can lead to horrible circumstances for the abusers and things around them, but this implication that porn caused Ted Bundy to kill all those women is pretty false. Here's two pages from a biography of Bundy by Ann Rule. At trial and under investigation by anti-porn evangelical James Dobson, Bundy contested porn was the cause of his malicious actions. However, years before his arrest in a letter to his friend Ann Rule, he admitted to never looking at porn, and ridiculed people who bought and used porn magazines or went to theatres.

    It is thought by most criminologists, and even Bundy's own defense team, that the porn excuse was one of Bundy's ways of denying responsibility for his actions. He was always making excuses, blaming his childhood, the people around him, corrupting influences, when in reality he was just a twisted and evil individual who reveled in the pain of others, but could not stand for any happening to himself. Definitely don't watch porn, but don't use it as an excuse to be a dick either. You're a person, not an animal. Choose to be a normal person.
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    Remember correlation does not equal causation.

    If with an increase in A there is an increase in B, it does not necessarily mean the two are directly linked.

    For example, it's a well known fact that ice cream sales correlate extremely well with the number of heat strokes treated in hospitals every year.

    Does this mean ice cream causes heat stroke? Not at all. Does it mean when people have a heat stroke they get cravings for ice cream? Probably even less so. Even though they correlate to an uncanny degree, neither causes the other.

    For ice cream and heat strokes, there is a linking causal factor; when the weather gets hotter, people eat more ice cream, and get more heat strokes. However this is an outside linking factor, and without the hot weather, the two no longer correlate.

    High rates of porn use among serial killers and other violent individuals do not mean porn causes people to be violent. I agree porn abuse can lead to extreme mood swings (including anger), can blunt emotions towards others, and lead to unrealistic sexual/romantic expectations, but extreme violence is a far stretch that I have not seen any studies showing a causality.

    I'd say it's much more likely individuals who are violent and sadistic are drawn to porn, especially more violent and dominant forms. It's a far shorter stretch of logic.

    Still stop watching porn. It fucks your brain in other ways.
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    @modernstore99 very interesting, is the stranger beside me worth reading?
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    Have not read it at all, besides finding that one tidbit of him not watching porn within just a few minutes of research. It sold a lot so I'm sure it's good.

    I highly recommend this YouTube channel for insights into criminals and analysis of their extremely deceptive behavior.


    This is the sister channel.


    My favorite is probably this one. Very worth the attention and time.

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    @modernstore99 been recommended that channel before, will check it out
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    just take a brief look at dating/lonliness sections. p addicts mostly cant even talk/have fun with people in real life, especially women. rise of a serial killer from these kind of guys is a very rare exception.

    Also genetics/family history/childhood history and... of that killer should be considered not only his addiction. serial killers could have mental problems and few of them coincidentally be also addicted to p so the cause would be their mental issue, porn could just make the situation worse.

    Btw escalation happens IN the context of the addiction, which is p here and not OUT of it in real life! p addicts choose more triggering stuff in pixels to feed their addiction but not in real life, as I said many of them even struggle going out of their house.
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    @modernstore99 that excerpt concerns detective stories, true crime genre. That's not about porn.

    Let's throw out the Bundy case. He's clearly an outlier, let's not use him for analysis of what can happen to the average person. Let's not even consider the other serial killers, more prolific than Bundy. Let's look at our own perceptions of sex and how porn has impacted it. Has it made us better lovers? More sensitive to our partner's needs or desires? Or has it encouraged us to focus on our own pleasure, and enforced misconceptions about both male and female sexuality?

    I seem to recall someone on this forum saying something along the lines of, "You aren't a sex god if you have a ten inch dick and rock hard abs and can f*ck for hours. You're a sex god when your partner trusts you, and feels comfortable and safe." Can't find the actual quote though, it was better than my paraphrase.

    Porn use is up and serial killing, as far as we can tell, is down, as compared to the 1970's through early '00's. It's clearly way more complicated than P=violence. But P absolutely does encourage selfishness. No denying.
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    I actually made that quote about being a sex god haha.

    I think we agree on the main points:
    • the Ted Bundy <=> porn link is ont conclusive and likely a lie
    • people should stop watching porn, especially internet porn
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    I do think porn can mess up a person enough that they could become a killer, rapist, pedophile, or any other type of violent behavior. However, Ted Bundy was most likely lying I am not a Bundy expert but the person interviewing him here if I am not mistaken was a part of some church? So Bundy tried to use the porn excuse so this guy would feel bad for him. Again not a Bundy expert but I heard some type of incest was involved in his family that might have played a role in him becoming a psycho.

    Charles Manson also gave his comments on porn and Ted Bundy
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    Bundy, Manson, whatever: talk to a crazy person, you're going to hear some crazy.
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    This has been posted on this forum so many times before lol. He was being interviewed on the eve of his execution by a Christian psychologist named Dr. James Dobson. You have to remember that Ted was a master manipulator, and everything he's saying is exactly what Dobson wants to hear. This might have been a desperate attempt to delay his execution, or maybe he just wanted to frig the guy around to have one last laugh before he died. Pornography is very harmful to the brain, but I doubt that it has ever turned anyone into a serial killer. I think people like Ted are just born that way.

    Stop and think for a moment about how porn addiction is such a widespread epidemic at this point in time because of how easy it is to access. By your logic, there should be serial killers in every neighborhood.

    Even now he's still manipulating people from beyond the grave, including you and the OP.
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    she did not even know him, there are better books on that guy out there.
    The guy was an alcoholic, it was the main reason they caught him but your statement about addicts being weak is out of this world.
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    Excuse me. What the f*ck do serial killers have to do with any of this? Stop the bullsh*t about all kinds of crap and start focusing on the real problem: yourself.

    Wow, am I going to catch some flak on this. Guess what? I don’t care. I see tons of discussions in these forums about every conceivable topic that leads nowhere. As long as I get distracted by nonsense rather than facing down my own problems, I’m treading water when I need to be swimming for shore as though my life depended on it.

    Having said that, I’ll admit that, as a long time failure, I’m the last one who should be preaching to anyone. An expert at nothing but maybe this: I know what failure looks like.
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