Teenagers have to be protected from themselves...

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    A great interview exploring the ramifications of molestation, sex addiction, etc...
    From a Kevin Spacey victim. (Victim was 14 y/o male Spacey was 22)


    "And how do you feel about those feelings now (having once been obsessed with KS)?
    You feel things full body, in a way, when you’re adolescent, right? And some people never learn, but in adolescence, you certainly don’t know yet that a very powerful sexual feeling is not love. You haven’t found that out yet, and some people don’t ever find that out. I was just full of this lust. "

    "Does the question of consent feel complicated to you?
    Yeah. Sexual abuse is complicated. It’s like when you’re a kid, right, and somebody accidentally touched your penis with a towel, it feels nice. You can’t help that. Like rubbing up against the bed, it feels nice. So if you’re little and somebody touches your penis, it’s terrifying and shameful. At the same time, neurologically, it’s pleasurable. You’re left with that forever. You can’t help it. Teenagers have to be protected from themselves. Children have to be protected from themselves. That’s what adults do. They protect them and they create spaces for them like training wheels where they can begin to get ready. In an ideal world. This is not an ideal world."
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    Uh. Ok, thanks for sharing.
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    You're welcome. I think you might appreciate it if only you had a little more depth of character.
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    Pfft, I’m deep as fuck. :D
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