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  1. So recently just got my second filling, first filling needs to be redone as there's a cavity under it haveing 2 tiny black spots in my bites, noticing hole dents in my bites as well & seeing that my teeth are a bit too transparent for my liking.

    Though I brush twice a day and used mouthwash, my diet wasn't great. As I ate a lot more junk food then I thought, even though I was eating a lot of vegetables. Also realising that after every meal I should've rinse my mouth out with eother water or mouth wash, with I've learnt that earlier one, would of helped me out a lot more. So will do that, reduce my sugar intake of the day & floss, thiugh no cavities showing on my side, better to be safe then sorry.

    I've been getting obsessed where I'm looking at videos like these;


    Which the only one I'm doing is the Xylitol pulling, which seems to make more sense then coconut oil pulling for 20 minutes.

    Think I've been getting obsessed as I don't want to have any more issues with my teeth, at least till tooth regeneration technology is more available to the public market.

    What do you guys think about the videos I've linked to? & do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do to keep my teeth healthy?
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    Brush teeth before, or at least 30 minutes after, eating/drinking. Especially acidic food, fruit, wine, coffee, soda, juice etc.
    And cut down/give up soda, if possible.
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  3. Yeah I already do that, with now also rinsing my mouthout after a meal. I also don't drink Soda, thiugh have recently drinking alcohol occasionally.
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