Temptations and old mind habbits

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  1. What's up guys.
    For the next 2 days I'll be always from work and home getting some extra course to further my education
    Anyways I'll have free time afterwords and my porn brain is already telling me how I can make a hookup encounter happen for me and how much I would love it.
    Anyways I know this is just my brain recycling old habbits.
    I WILL NOT be going through with it cuz I know I'm only on day 9 but for me it already feels like 90 THATS how good my body and mind feels controlling my sexual energy.
    I just wanted to write this out and vent it out of my head.
    Thanks guys for ready my mind so to say lol always welcoming good vibes.
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    Good post ……. 10 Days of Success ……. Keep up the good work !!

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