tempted to go to the hookers

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Aug 16, 2021.

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    I've also felt that temptation in the past but was able to resist it. In my mind I would throw out worst case scenarios and that was usually enough for me to resist. I'll say to myself things like, "you have no idea what she might be carrying disease wise. Is this worth possibly catching HIV or other STD"

    Another of my go thoughts is "maybe this is a sting operation and I'll get arrested." I could not imagine trying to explain that to my mother and the rest of my family.

    Another worst case scenario in my mind, "how do you know this is not a set up and I'll get mugged and robbed of my wallet, phone, and car."

    Like I said, maybe a bit extreme but it worked for me in the past.
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    What makes you want to go to a hooker?

    are you horny or is it something deeper?

    are you experiencing loneliness? anxiety? all the emotions that you use pornography to supress.

    I would advise against it, because I can guarantee you will regret it afterwards. Learn to accept the emotions for what they are and focus on the goal in mind.

    Retain my friend, nothing that is easy is worth it. This journey is tough but the outcome is life changing. Do not put yourself back to square one for an hour of meaningless sex.
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    I saw a sex worker a few weeks back.... I am still hating on myself for it

    Hope you made the right choice man. You and I both know the reasons not to go... That's why we're both here. Let's make the right choices moving forward
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    As long as you know how to control your urge then there would be no problem even though you see a dozen of hookers. Just to share a technique, think of the Hookers as carrier of transmitted disease. You'll see how turn off you will be.
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    I've visited prostitutes in the past and I regret almost all of it.

    Some of it was fun, but that was not 100% positive because after the time was up I realised there really wasn't a real connection. I felt more lonely after, every time.

    That's probably the worst part for me. I went to seek connection. Sometimes I didn't even have sex, just paid to hang out and touch and chat. Then I would have to go and felt 10x more lonely going home.

    Many times after going I would also use porn after. Further driving home the fact it hadn't provided any lasting fulfillment.

    When you're single a NoFap reboot is a bit like walking through a desert.

    There is an oasis, you just won't see it for most of your journey. But it's there.

    Prostitutes would be like a mirage. You think you found water but you've just stopped on your journey for no good reason.

    Keep walking the difficult path. True friends and partners await you at the end!
  7. It is not healthy to go with prostitutes.
    They have sex with many different people and they bear the marks.
    Stay away is my advice and look for normal women.
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    NoFap Defender

    Very good analogy.
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    Yes, and porn is like drinking salty water. It doesn’t quench thirst, it keeps you thirsty.
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    For me it just seems way too gross, and the lack of any commitment, and I feel repelled by girls in real life who seem sexually immoral. Maybe you might be able to focus on those and start feeling the same way.
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    I won't get into morals of it, who am I to talk anyways. But during a reboot it's especially bad to visit a prostitute - because we can 'rewire' to that kind of intimacy. The intimacy that requires zero effort on our part...

    As for loneliness. Your mileage may vary. But that was one of the worst things for me. I went for loneliness and left more lonely after.

    The last time I actually got more fulfillment from having a short chat with a girl at a cafe directly after.

    Next time you're playing a game with a friend, hand them $20 to lose on purpose and tell me you feel like a winner...

    No comfort in the growth zone, no growth in the comfort zone.
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    If you have the money it's not the worst idea if you do your research and go to someone reputable. If you are worried about STD's because the sleep with many men just know that most "normal" women do the same thing.
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    I am not sure it’s the answer if you trying to quit porn. It’s legal out here in Australia. Sure some of the girls are hot but it’s purely transactional there is no romance etc. Plus it’s expensive!
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    I see your points man. However I will disagree given the forum context.

    Don't get me wrong, it's the oldest profession and I don't see any major moral issues between consenting adults. It's not ideal, but it can be done in a reasonably ethical and mindful way.

    When one is single, knows the worker is doing this by her own will, and accepts there is no connection beyond the transaction period.

    The issue for me is this question comes up a lot in this forum and elsewhere with people trying to give up porn.

    You can give up porn, but still pick up an unhealthy sexual behaviour.
    - using fashion magazines instead
    - staring at women in public
    - or paying for sex

    These examples are just some ways our brains will desperately try to get our 'fix' instead of deal with the headaches and fatigue of withdrawal.

    So yes, if you've got some spare money and are in a good place, it would be an option. Still not recommended!

    But if you're trying to give up porn and find healthy relationships on the other side. You're just kidding yourself.
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  15. uh i am the person that made the tread. i wented anyways. it was ok.

    But now i feel like its ok but only when you do not cum

    so only stuff like fingering or something idk
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    I agree with you, in my opinion going with hookers in this case is just a substitute to porn and you are not killing the addiction what is even worse, you are just deceiving yourself and keeping the addiction alive in your mind and instead of investing money on his growth he just giving on to libido.
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  18. Wouldn’t recommend prostitution, especially when it’s illegal in your country/area. You could get an STD, or be arrested in an undercover sting operation.

    Unless you live in an area where prostitution is legal, but it’s still the same temptation like PMO. The sex would be meaningless and overrated. Also, a waste of time and money.

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