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    Hi all,

    I have just read a post regarding terminology and what words should or shouldn't be used on the forum. I have to say I have refrained from saying some words and also stories that relate to my issues because I didn't want them to be triggers for other users. I know letters are used for certain words like P for porn but there are some that I am unable to work out there meaning so I wondered if there is a page where these are listed and if so can the said page be a sticky for other new users to view easily. I apologise now if such a page already exists and its staring me right in the face. If it is can somebody give me the link please. Thanks guys.
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    There you go: http://www.NoFap.com/glossary/
    I couldn't find it myself right now, only using Google.

    If you are worried about triggers you can put something like "(TRIGGER WARNING)" in the thread title or into a
    (Click on the "+" next to the smiley, the picture and the video clip.) Then say whatever you want to get off your chest.
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    Thanks i really appreciate this. I'll go and have a look now.

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