Testimonies of Jesus Christ - 180+ days

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. Those who were set free by Jesus and reached more than 180 days of nofap can share their testimonies here, so backsliders and those who are seeking the Truth can have another source of motivation.

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  2. So, I start with my own testimony.

    Basically few years ago, I was a severely depressed, agnostic guy who often spent his free time on sites like 4chan and gore sites out of boredom and for seeing no point in life. A few times, I tried to reach even worse stuff with the TOR browser, again out of boredom, but could not find something worth to mention and got lazy to seek more with time. At the same time I had been also looking for the Truth for a quite long time, especially for Something Which could set me free.

    The funny thing is that I read the first time about Pizzagate on 4chan. I always had sympathy for Wikileaks and Assange and Pizzagate made me really curious. It claimed that some very mighty people were practising satanic rituals. So I thought if there was Satan, there also had to be an almighty, Abrahamic God. After a short time, I heard the testimony of John Todd on Youtube. I won't go too much into detail, you can read more about my testimony in my journal or on my website.

    I got literally saved several times, got baptized in water and Spirit and turned into a new human being. That guy who was so horny that he feared to have a boner out of nowhere during baptizm, shuddenly had no morning wood and no lustful thoughts anymore! Never in my dream would I have ever thought something like that could happen. Anyways, like 4 weeks later, I fell back into sin and slavery after I tested my new overwhelming state, and therefore God, multiple times out of curiousity and stupidity.

    After several months of being in this quite bad state, I remorsefully repented. God revealed me that I had to fight through this time which I did being tortured in a bad way. Since then my life changed completely. I got disciplined, humbled, have seen many miracles and other things. I'm much more relaxed, social and productive.
    Today, I can sit alone at home for a whole day or even multiple days in front of my computer and not feel a sign of depression or almost no urge to PMO. Maybe I would get a little bit or more anxious with time out of lack of physical activity.
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  3. immadothis

    immadothis Fapstronaut

    well I will reach 180+ without god, I will get it on my own and the nofap community :)
  4. Walk_it_out

    Walk_it_out Fapstronaut

    Good stuff bro! Yes sir God is good :) keep sharing and keep going strong
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  5. Thywillbedone

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    And I wouldn't be surprised if HaSatan helps you succeed, just to sink that hook deeper.

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