Testosterone levels and nofap

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by untunedguitar, Feb 8, 2020.

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    I'm really interested in testosterone because of the great benefits it gives you, but I'm somewhat confused about how its levels work relating to abstinence or sexual activity.

    I've always read and learnt that the more sex and more frequently you have it, the more T you will produce because of the sexual stimulation and Os.

    But everything I'm reading here indicates the opposite? That above, at least at first, makes sense but now also makes sense that you would have more T if you abstain because you hold the semen. Just wanted to clear that up and hear your opinions.
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    I’m convinced all the people who are into semen retention are all deluded.
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  3. Dude in all honesty, you shouldn't be worried about testosterone. The reason why I am saying this is because testosterone isn't something that decreases for 823742389734 days after ejaculating once, it becomes slightly decreased but it goes back to normal again. Some people make it sound like it disappears for months on end when in reality your body will produce testosterone at a pace that you allow it to with how you treat your body, what you feed it and how you look after it.

    It's a major sex hormone, the more testosterone you produce (in a healthy manner and in a healthy range), the more efficient your body will be in terms of libido, muscle growth and many other factors.

    Don't think this is true, it might be, but I highly doubt it since ejaculating lowers your testosterone slightly during sex/masturbation. However, since sex is pretty much exercise in itself, I kind of do understand how the body would produce testosterone.

    Semen retention is asinine.
    I will re-iterate what i said two times just before.
    If you exercise, eat the correct foods, get the proper amount of sleep every night, make sure your vitamin levels are stable/in the normal range (especially vitamin D), your body will produce testosterone at a healthy rate.
    You can ejaculate once a week or 2 times a week and still produce more testosterone than an individual practicing semen retention hoping that his nuts build testosterone without doing anything else to make it more efficient. I love how people who obsess over testosterone make it seem like ejaculating depletes your entire reserve when in reality your testosterone production and efficiency depends on how well you treat your body.

    If you're extremely skeptical, consult a doctor. They don't waste 6-7 years studying medicine for nothing if they're serious about their profession.
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    +1 on this post
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    I don't know do testosterone increase in long run during nofap,i know you got increase during day seven of 45% and after some time it back to normal after that i don't know.Might we feel better because we have much semen or might even more T,and one thing is for sure dopamine is balanced.
    I one time seen guy who posted thread before nofap he got T test and after year or more of nofap he done test again and his T level was almost double increase.
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    If u see it with the eyes of an homie then I will say testosterone should increase with retention cause body knows its not getting any women to mate. So it increases makes you more manly to get attraction. I think some sex and fap can be considered as an happiness momentary rise in dopamine lowering cortisol and increasing test. So it will increase testosterone yeah.
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    Of course it increases, the scientific research, case studies have clearly indicated that. All you need to do is google it. I knew it well before that. If you were to workout you'd notice it too. In fact, it's mostly what causes you to have problems sleeping, above average testosterone.
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    Yeah and how can they have a valid opinion on the very thing they're participating in. Like people who exercise are not authorities on the subject of 'good health'. Brilliant!

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