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    Alexander. Thank you for creating nofap. When I first joined in June I was a complete mess. My psychological defenses were obliterated. I easily gave in to masturabtion and porn not knowing how destructive they actually were to my body and mind. I was extremely anxious and paranoid and also very depressed. My self esteem was at an all time low. My social life sucked and I had no motivation. Now after 5 months of being clean for the most part I have not watched any porn and only relapsed today. The other two were with another person. I still have a long way to go but I still believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. My social relationships have been very bumpy and still are. My holiness and ability to see right from wrong according to my consciousness are stronger then they were before. my defenses against life are better. My sex life still sucks but I am working on fixing my self. I go to the gym now to improve my self esteem which works wonders if not over done. I don't believe that not fapping is why my life has changed but I do believe that it is a nescessary condition for being truly balanced. I believe man should aim to do things that raise his self esteem, not erode it. Porn and masturabtion erode it. I know that now. i finally got my drivers license and am aiming to become a police officer. I will always be a member of nofap to keep me in check and to constantly let you guys know how life is going. Life today can be so good but also so bad if we are misinformed and misguided. Nofap is a form of proper guidance that everyone should abide to. Anyone can fall and anyone can rise and nofap is a way to rise so thanks guys. Thank you Alexander for creating such a powerful website. All of you guys are slowly changing my life for the good day by day. You guys are actually aiming for something positive in a world full of insanity. So keep doing your thing guys, keep changing the world, guide us to manhood and we shall accecpt it.
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    Glad to hear your success ! Thank you !
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    what would you say the greatest benefit of nofap for you was?

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