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    I just want to counter a thread that was recently posted, claiming NoFap mods are corrupt. I'm not responding to that post because I don't want to get entangled in that and I want to create a space where others, if they want to, can share positive experiences.

    I have actually never had a bad experience with any of the mods and I've always appreciated what they've done when they do need to step in. Plus, even if I did ever disagree with them, I understand that these are volunteers with lives outside NoFap. They're making the best judgement calls on following the rules as they can. I've served as a mod of an online group before, and let me tell you, it's not an easy position to be in.

    In the more than two months since I joined NoFap I've appreciated the free resource very much. More than I can adequately describe, in fact. And in the few times when people have made rude, mean or offensive comments, the team has handled it well. I very much applicate that they work to make sure that NoFap is a safe, supportive and nonjudgemental space for all users, whether male or female, addicts or SOs, young or more mature in years.

    My personal take on what to do when a thread turns mean or offensive or comments start being made that are way off the track of what the OP (original poster) was talking about, is to use the report button. The mods can't be everywhere at once, and in my experience, responding to idiocy only results in more idiocy. So I report and let the mods take it from there.

    @alexander, @NoBrainer, @matthewmammothrept, @Yesodi, @TheWife, @giggleshmack and other staff members, thank you for what you do. Don't let the loud voices of the few make you feel like it's a majority opinion.
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    Well said, I heartily second this.
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    You are absolutely right that the mods are doing an incredible job. People have their own opinions but sometimes those opinions get nasty (name calling, inappropriate suggestions, hate speech, etc) and action needs to be taken to ensure that this environment remains helpful and supportive for all of us seeking reassurance and guidance from our peers. Many people type something without thinking about how it sounds to everyone else. The mods are here to ensure that this remains a safe place for all. Sometimes what offends some, does not seem offensive to the mods and it is not taken down, other times it is. They are looking out for everyone, and do not have an agenda other than making sure this site remains supportive, rather than destructive.

    A sincere thank you to the mods for your tiring and dedicated work.
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    Don't forget @Handzfree!
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    Well, the thread of which you speak is not as bad as you might have thought. Here is a post from it. Why not look?
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    I was talking about the premise of the title. But, you're right, I have read it and there have been some good contributions, including yours and the information from the mods. I'd just rather not comment on that post.
  7. Thank you everyone on behalf of the moderations team! :D It really is appreciated. Moderating can be a thankless job at times, so it is uplifting to here people say we are making a difference. That's all we are here for! Honestly, I don't mind the criticism as long as it is valid. There are areas we can improve on, and I hope to be able to focus on them more in the future!
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    Thank you for the kind words in the OP and wonderful encouragement. Also thanks to the others that chimed in. IGY, thanks for your contributions. I always try to remember that people who come here for healing are hurt individuals. Many are victims of sexual or emotional abuse from parents, caregivers, friends or family members.

    So in one sense, I'm not surprised at some of the hostility I see sometimes. I "get it." On the other hand, I also realize there are others who only want a safe place to be anonymous and heal. It's tough making decisions on what to ban and what to accept. And as some of the Mods have said... "we don't always get it right." We do make our best efforts though.

    IMHO - The site's purpose is very simple... to help people overcome the bondage of pornography and sexual addictions and assist those who love these people.

    One last thing I want to mention is the dedication Alexander puts into NoFap. I won't give you all the details, but let me just say he sacrifices dearly to keep this site alive and relevant.

    So from all of us Mods... thank you.
    .. and for @alexander - Dude, you rock!
  9. ILoathePwife

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    That's a great attitude. I do think it's a valid point that when a post is deleted it's helpful for the poster to know why. But other than that, there seems to be a lot of just sour grapes and not valid complaining going on.
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