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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by oudness, Dec 18, 2018.

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    I first fapped when I was about 14. Ever since then I been watching porn. I'm 25 now. I need to stop to fapping because it has destroyed me sexually.I started to notice I needed to stop fapping last year but didn't. Last year went from being a meat eater to vegan and my health skyrocketed and lost 60 pounds. I am still obese about 400 pounds. I slipped up on my vegan path about 12 times but staying with it.

    I have been very depress about my weight and my finances. I have some debt and eating bad vegan junk food. I recently quit my job to focus on finding a job where I walk around and lift things. So far been pretty lazy about finding a job. I haven't approve much about my life. Things I have noticed since I stopped working:
    1. I'm addicted to porn
    2. I'm addicted to music
    3. I'm addicted to video games
    4. I'm addicted to anime/manga
    5. I need to only use the internet for work only

    So I now I'm on day 2 of PMO,anime, and music free. Played csgo today but quit steam and uninstalled and now making an account here to really affirm my new journey. I will never watch porn again or play video games. I will like to go a year without anime and music. So will only use internet for job hunting, keep track of bills, and this website. Wish me luck.
  2. Septimus

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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. You're headed in the right direction, congratulations! Keep coming back.
  3. SK81218

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    You are welcome here!! strong, it is amazing...Take it as a challange & prove to yourself that you are much better than this...I am on day 13 (PMO) & seeing a lot of improvements even in such a short period of time...1 hour Yoga is helping me a lot!!
  4. ryan23

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    Welcome man! This is a great place to be. :)

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