Thanks to this forum made it to 90 target 1st jan 2015.

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    Hello friends,
    I've made it to 90 days...Thanks to this forum and reddit nofap forum.

    My first target was 30 days!-Now-next-target-90-days&highlight=braceletThan i extended my Badge to 90 days. Now after achieving this i have extend it to 167 days (1st jan 2015)

    Motivational thought which helped me in this journey :-
    " The value of 1 male sperm is equal to 1 life ! The value of 1 life? Billion dollars, No. Trillion dollars No. For life is expensive than that. So our 1 sperm has equal value to life. Every man should know their worth, we are life giver, don't waste this precious natural gift to unproductive activity like PMO, or even it shouldn't be wasted on casual night stand with girls who aren't just worthy to have this "Precious gift" inside them. All Beta Males, know your value. You are blessed to be a life giver not a fapper "


    1)Very less urges now, its like i have got control over my lust completely -- Self Control -- one of the key reason i started this journey.
    2) Common benefits aka superpowers which you have heard here hundreds of time like Great self confidence, deeper voice, having a feeling of well being always, attention from females, positive aura and a feeling of alpha.
    3)Other than that Hair fall has reduced, observed thickening of hair in some areas which were thin. Though i should wait for some more time (till 1st jan my next target) to confirm this assertion.
    4) Nofap isn't a cure to solve all of your problems, its better to be disciplined and inculcate healthy and productive habits to see some concrete positive changes in your life.
    5) Lately i wasted a lot of time on whatsapp chatting and unnecessary browsing (for online reading) during that time i felt like my Superpowers was reduced, so avoid all such temporary pleasure giving virtual habits which never gives fulfilment.
    6) Wet dreams have reduced, in sept i had 1 WD, in oct i have 1 so far, may be because of Male deer exercise and because i don't fantasize or do edging.
    7) I am single and on hardmode , i am still learning how to channelize my sexual energy to some productive task, my wet dreams have reduced it shows that slowly i am mastering this art of Sexual transmutation. (if you have some tips on that please Reply)

    Next goals :- 1) TO reach 167 days to observe the actual effect of nofap on hairfall, if thin portion will get hair than my experiment of nofap will be fruitful :)
    2) I will take cold showers this winter, won't take hot showers as last winters.
    3) I would like to be more productive as i still procrastinate a lot. :(
    4) I'll be regular in meditation and exercise.

    All the best guys, Never Give upand Remember always, NoFap IS A WAY OF LIFE.:cool:
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  3. Congratulations man!, i'm in my 5th day and i notice that girls pay more attention to me, well, just one girl but is better than nothing haha!.
  4. Taqwaman

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    Congratzz bro..

  5. napionder

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    Awesome! You're an inspiration!
  6. headedup

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    congrats!! WHat was the number one thing you think is most important to be successful long term?
  7. krazykhan786

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    The most important thing is your reason to pursue this journey. WHatever be your reason, a silly it may be it should just be motivating enough to keep you on track so that you won't relapse because of that only.
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    Thanks man, so inspiring!! I am also hoping for better hair...
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    Good job! very inspiring!
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    It's wonderful to hear your testimony khan, well done! I wish I had more self control like you, I know I will some day, although I do not know when that will be. I really would like to know what it feels like, to have 100% control over sexual urges! God bless, and keep up the good work!
  11. krazykhan786

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    Status on my Streak on 3rd January 2015 !

    Thanks mate. I am happy that i could inspire you. The 108 days were the best days of my 2014, it was like with all my efforts i had created a Reservoir full of Energy - An Energy Dam ! But afterwards it was worse i started opening the gates of that DAM and right now when i am typing this its been 2 hours since i relapsed. I gained a lot from this streak But Right now i am trying to catch up that self control because i am not able to keep a streak more than 10 days. Now i don't intend to demotivate you or anyone, just want to share the truth. NoFap works but its upto You if you are honest to yourself and more passionate about your Recover No one can Stop you. You are impressed by my Self Control, Yes buddy i have self control, and i am sure even you and everyone of us have this. But see i am struggling right now because i was not honest to myself. So The Self control is nothing but Reflection of your Honesty and sincerity, The only damn thing is exercising Self Control by being honest to oneself.

    One Lesson i have learnt and I would like to share to everyone - Abstinence is not Recovery ! There were mistakes on my part which left me on Square one. I am sharing with you all -

    1) Overconfidence - i started watching soft images, thinking that i have super self control and slowly this led me to the worst relapse streak.

    2) Left the Gym - Its very important to do some physical workout, as when we are working hard in gym we tend to not involve in PMO or anything which is unhealthy to our body. I left the gym due to some projects and it was worst mistake, i could have done free hand workout at home instead.

    3) Irregular in Meditation -- I was very casual with meditation. My suggestion is to do anything for minimum 10 minutes which calms your mind, not necessarily meditation you can do Prayer, sit silently in front of your God or something if you are religious, it will definitely give you peace, if you are atheist stick to meditation.

    4) Unnecessary internet surfing and whatsapp chatting. Such stuffs are full of triggers. Cut it off !

    5) Stopped posting here -- I stopped reading the posts here and stopped posting here, because of my over confidence of 108 days streak , i even stopped posting here. Trust me involving in this forum is like a source of motivation and like a fuel to continue the long streak. Though I have always reset my counter honestly but after doing that i just close the tab of this website.

    6) And Lastly i focused more on abstinence than Recovery. Abstinence is avoiding PMO, Recovery is avoiding PMO Plus embracing new constructive habits and lifestyle. Just plain abstinence won't do wonder, its when you embrace and inculcate new constructive lifestyle and habits, move out of your comfort zone than only you can gain maximum benefits from Nofap.
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  12. krazykhan786

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    So I may be Strong at times to pursue a 90 days+ streak, at other time i may be weak to get relapse every 2nd day. The only thing is I will NEVER GIVE UP. And this Never giving Up attitude will continue till i Recover.
  13. Gladiator

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    Staying strong, watch me go more than 1000 days.
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  15. DorianNey

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    Congrats on the 90 days. Can we get an update? I made it 9 hours so far and am feeling pretty good.

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